I guess we can’t deny it any more, Christmas is nearly here. For months the supermarkets have been at war with themselves, not entirely sure which ‘holiday’ should have more floor space. Thankfully Halloween is over, and so now they can focus on just one – Christmas! My girls wrote their letters to Santa early this year. Actually, correction. My 7-year-old- wrote her Christmas list, and the cat’s Christmas list, but my 5-year-old can’t be bothered to finish her’s. So, in case you were wondering what to buy a 7-year-old girls for Christmas, here’s her handwritten letter to Santa.


Can we just take a minute to say how proud I am of this spider like scrawl. She’s only been doing cursive handwriting for a few months and I love it. I’m a proud mom. 

Disclaimer: This list contains affiliate links. If you purchase some of the products by clicking the links I will receive a small commission. 

The List

The first thing on her list is a snake. This child is obsessed with snakes! Just to clarify, she’s not getting a snake, but the rest of the list I can probably get on board with. Here goes … 


Headphones are tricky. Earphones tend to fall out a lot, and I personally don’t like the idea of them. We always tell our kids not to put things in their ears, and now we tell them to put things in their ears. These headband earphones are quite cute and come in lots of different designs. You can also choose from either cotton of fleece. 

The other option which is quite cool is this one. They are cat eared light up bluetooth headphones!

LOL Big Sister

My girls have been in love with collectibles for ages. One of their favourites is the LOL Surprise dolls, sisters, and pets. The LOL Surprise Under Wraps is the latest one on the market. This is a good gift for a 7 year old girl.  


I know her list specifically mentions Acrylic Paints, but as someone who is not keen on cleaning up the mess left behind by kids when they do painting, I will probably be opting for some paint sticks instead. A while ago we were sent a big selection of the paints that Little Brian makes. I love them! So did the girls. This would be my personal recommendation when buying paints a s Christmas gift for a 7 year old girls. 


Create This Book

A Create This Book is basically a book that is has prompts on each page which allows your child to create their own book. This is the product that she has made me save in my Amazon Basket for ages. She refuses to spend her own pocket money on it, so that’s how it’s ended up on her Christmas list. Aunty Sarah – this is the one!!! 

A Snow Globe

I have no idea why, but she has been asking for one of these for ages. 


My girls watch YouTube videos of people remaking squishies, for hours! HOURS!! Think of one of those stress balls, it’s similar to that, just softer and they come in thousands of different shapes and sizes. They make the perfect stocking fillers too! 


Multi-coloured paper which would be great to use with the Paint Sticks! 

Bubble Bath 

Bath time can be fun, apparently. And something as simple as a bubble bath is really not a lot to ask. Bless her. Because my younger daughter struggles a lot with eczema, I always try to go for the organic and soft and gentle products. Child’s Farm are a good product if this is something you’re worried about.

If you’re looking for alternative bath fun products you could also get your kids some bath slime or bath gelli.


A Happy Family! 

Okay, she’s done it. She made me cry when I read that. My special child. 

So there you have it, a list of ideas for the perfect Christmas gifts for a seven year old girl. Which of these products would you want for yourself? Personally, the bubble bath might get borrowed! lol