I feel like it’s been ages since I did an Instagram Round-up Post, but I guess not. Maybe it’s the time of year, everything seems to be going so fast! We are almost done with our school commitments for the year, which is pretty scary. Just one more function which is this coming Friday where the ‘man in the big red suit’ will be making a surprise visit to school, and then one more week of school and we are done. I can’t wait for the holidays. The girls are tired, I’m tired. We all just need a break!

On to the round-up … 

No. 5 was my little personal celebration on hitting 800 followers of my blog. That’s pretty amazing to me. It’s actually grown since then and today it’s 860. My next goal is 1000. Thank you to all of you who follow me. I am feeling very humbled!


No. 4 is the cutest! My eldest had her graduation from pre-school on Monday and was so excited about it that she left her outfit out on her bed for me to remember, just in case I forgot exactly which outfit she wanted to wear. It was a lovely ceremony. I’m so proud to be her mom. Grade 1 next year – I can’t quite believe it.


No. 3 is an inspirational quote from me about how we should all trust our own instincts! This came out of my post  The “Children In Bikinis” Debate!  The post was very well received and I was so glad that, even though there were two very clear camps on this issue, everyone respected everyone else’s opinion and ‘played nice’!


No. 2 is the ‘Princess Waffles’ I treated my girls to as a reward for being so awesome on their return to swimming lessons. I stopped their swimming over the winter months, partly because the Fournado had decided she didn’t want to learn to swim anymore, and also because the eldest refused to let me dry her hair before leaving the gym which meant walking out with wet hair into the freezing cold winter air. When we started up again at the beginning of the month they both took to it instantly and have already improved so much! Well done girls! #proudmom


No. 1 is my #winewednesday post from a few weeks ago – thanks for everyone who liked it! You guys are the best! Today’s will be out a bit later, and I have huge reason to celebrate today … read below for my reason why!


I don’t normally talk politics on my blog, although I am very opinionated when it comes to politics, but I just want to end off with a few words about my emotional state right now, today the 22nd of November 2017. I woke up today to a new era for me and millions of fellow Zimbabweans spread out across the world. For those of you who don’t know, I am a Zimbabwean and to say that I am ecstatic about the fact that Mugabe has resigned is an understatement! I was born in 1981 – the year after Zimbabwe gained independence (1980). Mugabe has been in power, in charge of Zimbabwe, for longer than I have been alive and I never truly  believed that he would resign. I honestly thought that he would cling to power until the day he died, as did most Zimbabweans I think. What none of us counted on was the fact that he would still be alive at 93 years of age! 37 years in power, and today, Bob is finally gone!

I don’t think any of us are under any illusions that Zimbabwe will magically improve over night, or that there won’t be uncertain times ahead. The difference is that it is different now. The people have realised that they do in fact hold the power and they are allowed to have a say. I am proud to be Zimbabwean, right now I just pray for continued peace and calm. Have you ever seen an African country go through this amount of change without any violence? No, me neither. #Iamazimbo!

I Am A Zimbo