I skipped a week. My bad! Okay, maybe I’m too old to ‘say’ that. But I did. I skipped a whole week. The week before this was so hectic I only did 6 Instagram posts so I thought that it was basically just cheating to choose the top 5. So I waited a week and I now have two weeks of posts to pick the top 5 from.

So here we go …

No. 5: At the SA Mom Blog’s #JoziMeetup last weekend we got this awesome Baff Slime pack for the kids. It’s basically a powder you sprinkle in your kids bath water and after 10 minutes it turns to slime. You get to let them play for hours (okay, realistically a few minutes) without having to actually ‘supervise’, giving you the opportunity to SIT DOWN! Win Win Win. Read my awesome review on this stuff. I need more! 


No. 4: This week’s #WineWednesday post. It’s been a pretty tough week. Hubby away, kids playing up, one got sick and I had a run in with the school, I also had a stiff neck and horrible monthly cramps. I really could do with forgetting most of this week! Thank goodness for wine. Every cloud has a silver lining. And even better, my husband is home for the weekend. Roll on November! Until then, there’s always Two Oceans!


No. 3: My pretty regular #WineWednesday post from last week. I love the colours. I miss tequila. Growing up sux!


No. 2: Last weekend I went to my second ever bloggers meet up hosted by the SA Mom Blogs at Placecol Spa in Joburg. This picture is most of the goodies that we got on the day, excluding the My Little Pony which my kids had already commandeered before I could even snap a pic! It was an awesome day and I’m slowly making my way through all these amazing goodies. Thanks again to SA Mom Blogs and all the speakers. Loved it!


No. 1: It was my blog birthday on Sunday just gone. One whole year of blogging. I’m quite proud of myself, and yes, I know that pride comes before a fall but since I actually stuck with something for a whole year I figured it deserved a little celebration, bragging and self promotion. Check out the post I did on it: My Blog’s 1st Birthday!


So after an exhausting few weeks I am very excited that my husband and I are having date night this Saturday night. Date night with another couple, our local bffs (who are also hosting the joint babysitter), and I am looking forward to letting my hair down and enjoying adult company! JUST adult company. Bring on the craft beer, spring evening filled with wors rolls and lots of wine!

Have a good weekend all!