This past week was spent in East London doing all the things you do when moving to a new city. We had what felt like a billion house viewings, visits to potential schools, and a few hours of down-time at the beach. It was an exhausting week and to say that I am exhausted today is an understatement.

The girls and I travelled back home from East London yesterday. We were up at 05.00 and flew from East London Airport to Johannesburg, then had to collect our luggage and check back in with a different airport to fly to Bloemfontein. That flight was delayed by over an hour as the original plane was not available so they had to split the passengers into two groups on smaller planes. We were obviously put on the smaller plane taking not more than 30 passengers – I felt sick (thanks SAA – no comment!). Then on landing at Bloem airport we had to then drive two hours to get home. It should have been one and a half, but I took a wrong turn so had a quick tour of Bloem before finding my way out. I got home around 16.00. Basically it was 11 hours of travelling solo with the girls – and we’re still in the same country!

They weren’t naughty, but kids get bored. I almost wish they were smaller so I could at least have confined one to a push-chair, but then maybe time has dimmed the horror of those days – I’m grateful I didn’t have to deal with a nappy bag, nappy changes, bottles, and formula. I am also very grateful that we got home safe and sound.

I now have to face a mountain of laundry and grocery shopping at month end as I currently have nothing in the house. Yes, I am looking around for the person who should be playing a violin at my sob story about how hard my life is. *Spoiltwifealert

On to my weekly round-up from Instagram – the top 5 most liked pictures this week:

No. 5: This was from a morning at the beach with the girls. You can see more pictures  in the post I did on it: Beach Bums. It was a lovely morning. The tide was way out so we got to walk really far out and enjoy the little tide pools and we even found a crab in a shell. The girls had such fun.

No. 4: How cute is this guy? If he were a person, he’d be one of those old men sitting on his stoep watching the world pass by. We saw him on our way back into Gonbuie from the Jikeleza Route – definitely somewhere I want to explore more when we get back to East London area.

No. 3: My youngest had a tough day. She threw a little tantrum and then collapsed like this and just fell asleep. You don’t get too many of these moments anymore, she’s four already. #priceless

No. 2: The Gonubie beach from No. 5 above, the point where the river meets the sea. My husband joined us on our last afternoon there and we walked up the bank of the river and it opened up into this gorgeous sandy beach with lush green vegetation, clear blue and green water – you’d be forgiven for thinking this was from some tropical island. It was certainly a surprise for us. Just stunning.

No.1 is my #winewednesday post. It was a horrendous day! Some fancy estate agent insisted on taking us house hunting in her fancy white mercedes, wearing her fancy white pants suit, to view fancy houses that were all staged and white inside. The kids behaved atrociously (See previous post about how they behave in house viewings, double it and subtract one parent!) and it was all round, just shitty day! I stopped to buy wine on the way home, and after settling them in front of the iPad (Judge all you like), I managed to pour myself a small glass of wine (it was the biggest they had in the guesthouse), stood on the deck and snapped this pic.

To say we are happy to be home is an understatement. None of us can wait for school on Monday and to get back into a little bit of routine. My husband will be home on Friday for the better part of three weeks.

August is sure to be a fun month for us. My step-daughter will be visiting from the UK, the girls adore their big sister. It’s also our anniversary this month and my husband’s birthday. Lots of exciting things to look forward to.