Welcome back to my latest #Instaweek Round-up. It’s week 3 in the series, and things were a little tough this week. You can read about our horrific day on Monday here.

Fortunately things picked up towards Friday, and I even managed to get a fun #friyay post out late Friday evening. They Were Bored … Honest! 

Let’s get the party started.

5. This is my #WineWednesday quote for the week. I sure do miss my special sisters and friends who know they just need to pour … Sarah (x2) and Janine (x2). Love you guys. x


4. #Wheredoyoublog – this was taken from the Virgin Active gym on Tuesday. Tuesday was a tough day after a shocking Monday. That afternoon was spent running the kids from dancing lessons to swimming lessons and it was freezing. When they were busy at the gym, I treated myself to a lovely Cappuccino, no better example of ‘refuelling’ I tell you!


3. This was from Friday afternoon – if you click on the link above to the post I sent out on Friday afternoon you will see that after hearing them complain they were bored … again … I eventually tasked them with picking all the berries off the two bushes off my verandah. Yes, I’m aware this is borderline Child Labour, but I am so sick of the birds eating these berries and then messing all over my verandah and yard. Unfortunately the ‘labour’ got bored of that task within ten minutes and gave up in favour of more YouTube Kids. Look how cute though.


2. The popularity of this one surprised me. It’s a pic of my desk. There I am busy blogging and Instagraming, and my girls decide that Twilight Sparkle (and her hair brush) of My Little Pony needs to come and help me. #Momofgirls for sure.


Finally No. 1: I’m so glad this one was the clear favourite this week. It’s a quote from a post I sent out on Tuesday where I did a bit of a rant about a fellow mom calling me lazy for only having two children instead of four like her. I think the words of this can apply to so very many situations, but the overall message is – “Don’t Judge”.


Have a good weekend people. Remember to be kind to everyone, you never know what they’re dealing with that you can’t see.

The Tale of Mummyhood