To say my life has been hectic this week is the understatement of the century.

My husband left this morning. We won’t see him for 5 weeks now, but could possibly be apart for the next six months, depending on how his new job goes. I’m quite emotional today, but I know that we have to pursue this path to see where it takes us. Best of luck my love, we know you will do well and we can’t wait to see you.

On with my fourth instalment of the #instaweek series where I post the top 5 most popular pictures from my Instagram account over the past week. I guess it’s a fair indication of what my week has been like as there are only 6 pictures to choose from! lol

5. We went out on Thursday evening for a last minute ‘farewell’ dinner for my husband. There was a lot less bread and a lot more wine and Friday was a bit of a blur initially. This was my slightly hungover, ‘i need all the coffee’ selfie attempt. My favourite Typo coffee mug and me! 

4. My quote from Monday’s post “The Fear” where I was talking about how you develop ‘the fear’ as a parent because you have to make sure your kids are looked after, and happy, and sometimes you become scared to follow your heart because of your responsibilities to your children.

3. I have decided to launch a new feature on my blog where I will be asking for guest bloggers and non-bloggers to share their #parentingwin and #parentingfail moments. The point of sharing this is to help other parents realise that we all have good and bad moments as parents, which is totally normal and makes us all human. If you are keen to get involved or be featured, please email me with your stories:

2. My To-Do list from my post on Wednesday, which I entitled, Reasons to Drink Wine Today was very popular, I’m not sure if it’s the pretty rose gold glitter pen, or the fact that the items on my list are so random and diverse that it’s strange that they all appear on one list, but I’m a mom and a wife, so maybe it’s not that strange after all.

My most popular post was this quote about how hard the parenting job really is when you understand what the goal is. It’s almost unnatural and is just heartbreaking so it’s best not to dwell on it too much. I can’t take credit for the words, but they speak to me on an almost spiritual level, not just as a mother, but as a daughter.

So there you have it. I’m going to hold my girls a little tighter tonight, and pray a little harder too. Prayers of protection over my husband, and prayers of peace for all of us in our little family as we start a period of change in our lives.

I will also say a little prayer for all the victims of the Knysna fires this past week. The destruction and devastation caused is just horrific. If you want to get involved in supporting the community there, you can donate via the OFM Radio station by clicking here.

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