I skipped a couple, but here is my latest Instaweek Round-up. Since I’ve been ‘away’ for the past few weeks I’m going to pick the top 5 most like pictures from my Instagram account from the past two weeks.

No. 5: We are currently ‘on holiday’ in East London in the Eastern Cape (South Africa, not U.K.). This pic I took looking back along the Gonubie Beach Boardwalk one evening this week. It’s a lovely pic if I do say so myself. Quite dramatic.


No. 4: Two weeks ago I FINALLY got my Permanent Residency for South Africa. It took two temporary residence visas and it’s been 20 months since I made the application which I was told would only take 8 months so we were all super relieved when it finally came through! This now allows me to work in South Africa too, so we shall see what the future may bring … don’t worry though mom, I will always be a Zimbo!


No. 3: My girls love the ocean. Even though it’s technically winter here, it’s around 23 degrees (at least) most days. After a few days of hectic house hunting (okay, we’re not really on holiday, we’re scouting out the place we will be moving to), I treated the girls to a trip to the beach. It was almost deserted except for us and a couple of dog walkers. Shortly after this pic the youngest face planted in the water which resulted in tears and complaints about how “sticky” it was, but she was adamant she didn’t want to go home.


No. 2: A week ago I was at my wit’s end with all the whining from my girls. Really … some days are worse than others and then some days are like that one. I’ve used this picture in a previous post but I just had to share it again. It seems to have resonated with a lot of my fellow moms as it got a surprisingly high number of likes. Honestly though, I almost didn’t share it for fear of being judged, I guess I needn’t have worried as we’ve ALL been there.


No. 1: The favourite post from the past two weeks was this one from #winewednesday where I shared my drinking companions or reasons to drink – you decide! ?


Bonus Pic: My personal favourite pic from the past couple of weeks is this one. It’s of my husband’s bike. I guess the pic is alright, but I actually got to go with him on a ride whilst a dear friend watched the girls for us. I love going out with just him, it’s not exactly “date night”, it’s actually better! You can see the beautiful winter farmlands of the Free State in the background.


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