I published a post earlier on the Pros & Cons of roadtripping with kids.

Either my husband and I are suckers for punishment, or we have itchy feet, or we really do just love to travel … and as we are parents we have to drag the girls with us. Whatever the answer may be we are off on two road trips between now and the New Year. (So far it’s just the two – tbc lol.)

We were going to head to Zimbabwe, but our plans have fallen through so we won’t be crossing any borders this festive season. I’m very sad that we won’t be spending the holidays with my family in Zim, but we have decided to try to make the best of it. Thankfully two different sets of friends have invited us to spend time with them instead, essentially ‘gate-crashing’ their pre-booked accommodation. So we will be staying in South Africa.

The first trip is a 640km journey, one way, to the Natal coast, where we will be staying for four nights. It will be a new experience for us in that we normally stay in Bed & Breakfast or Self Catering accommodation, but this time we will be ‘camping’. It’s only for a few days and our friends are already all set up there, so we won’t need ALL the usual equipment that goes with camping. These friends of ours are also used to our girls (I think), as we have done long road trips away with them before. We will just take some of our food, drinks, bedding and beach stuff. The shops are close by if we need anything extra so I’m not stressed about this, I’m excited. The average temperature will be around 30C, hot and humid.

The second holiday will be a 460km journey, one way, to Limpopo to a Self Catering holiday house in the bush! We’ll be there for six days. We have not travelled with these friends before, and they are a bit older than us. By that I mean our girls are three and five, and their’s are 20 and 25 (I think). I know the kids can be a lot to take for people who are not used to small kids anymore (early wake-ups, constant noise, irregular meals, whining, lack of personal space etc), but I’m sure it will be fine. There aren’t any local amenities close by to go to if we forget anything so I have to be prepared in terms of food and drinks etc. We’ll be taking ALL our food and drinks etc, swimming costumes and the girls’ bikes. And fans! It’s meant to average around 35C, hot and dry.

I’m excited that we will be experiencing both the beach & the bush this year. I love this continent. The featured pic is a collage of a few photos we took in July while driving the Swartberg Pass! It was such an awesome experience. I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone who likes a little adventure. We did the ‘not the N1 route to Cape Town’. Loved it but that’s a series of posts for another time.

I have been frantically pinning tips on Pinterest on beach & bush hacks and ways to survive the holidays with the kids. I’ve pinned everything from beach & sand tips, to how to keep mosquitoes at bay,  as well as printouts for keeping the kids busy in the car. You can take a look here. I even sewed my first ever beach bag yesterday in anticipation! What do you think? Not bad for a novice seamstress methinks.

Beach-Bag DIY

Just to end off this post on a serious note (unusual for me, I know).

Please take the time to read about this awesome campaign called Car Seat Full Stop! In the UK, America, Australia and the rest of the Western World, the laws around children travelling in Car Seats is very clear, strict and enforced. Sadly, the same is not the case in South Africa. According to their website, Car Seat Full Stop report that only 15% of South African children in cars are safely restrained.

The Car Seat Full Stop campaign is being run by an inspirational group of South African moms and mom bloggers with the aim of educating and informing parents in South Africa about the importance of Car Seats. It really is a great initiative. My kids often complain about their seat belts etc,  but we really don’t care as long as they stay safe.

If you are travelling on the roads in South Africa, please be very careful. Sadly the December holidays are notoriously bad for fatal accidents.

No to Drink Driving. Don’t dive intexticated! Arrive Alive.