Can you believe it’s March already? I can’t. I’ve noticed a very definite change in the weather the past few weeks, but today is the most perfect early Autumn day and for that I am grateful.

If you’ve been following this series, you’ll know I missed last week. I have a good excuse. We went to the Clarens Craft Beerfest. When we left in the morning it was a little cool so I made the girls wear their jumpers. (That was a fun fight / parenting moment! NOT.) By around midday, we were boiling hot! We had arrived too late to find any shady spots so we were sitting right in the sun. I could actually feel the heat burning me through my dark jeans and I had a very shiny face! My poor husband’s bald head is peeling now. He got so burnt, eventually he went and paid R250 for a cap! It’s fair to say that we went unprepared and suffered the consequences. Fortunately I had taken sunblock for the girls so they were fine. Snow York 2008 Winter Woes

I am not a fan of the cold weather. In fact the snow and cold in the UK was one of the deciding factors when we left all those years ago. It’s around the same time of year back then when we made our decision to leave. It had snowed and then we had to shovel the snow off the drive to get the car out the garage. Then the temperature dropped even lower and all the shoveled snow that was piled up on the side of the drive froze and stayed like that for six weeks. I remember it so clearly.

Summer Sun

Northern Cape HotLiving back in Africa I have definitely had my days of wishing for a little bit of snow. During December we did a road trip to the Northern Cape, and it was ridiculously hot! So hot that my iPhone overheated!

This week, despite it being early Autumn, the Free State has seen cooler mornings, but the afternoons have been scorchers! I was, once again, sitting in the car waiting for my kids, on a Friday – Yes! It was 31°C! I was sitting there flicking through the InstaStories and I was a little jealous of all the fun everyone in the UK seems to be having with their Arctic Freeze snow days! I know! Me! The sun seeker!

That said, anyone who thinks that it doesn’t get cold in Africa is terribly uninformed. Last year we went on an epic 3 day biking tour with some friends of ours. We did 3 countries in 3 days. We saw such contrasting variations in temperature, it was hard to believe. From South Africa to Swaziland on Day 1, then Swaziland all the way to Afriski in Lesotho on Day 2, and finally from Lesotho back to the Free State on day 3.

Not So Easy To Please!

I guess I’m one of those who will just never be happy with the weather, but I have to choose, today is pretty much perfect. Whilst there is still time for the temperature to climb, and it probably will, it’s there’s a cool breeze blowing to stop the sun from making me feel overheated.

So, today, the third day of autumn in South Africa, I am grateful that the excessive heat is starting to abate, slightly. Like I said, it’s a perfect day. My last grateful post was based on the fact that I am grateful for choice. I choose warmth, for now. And sunflowers! The Free State is full of sunflowers at the moment. Fields and fields of yellow!

Autumn Weather perfect day


What is your idea of perfect weather? And what are you grateful for today?