Nothing on earth destroys your self confidence and self esteem quite as effectively as bathing with your kids does. A few quotes from my two darlings  today: 

“Mommy, the ladies at the gym all have much longer boobs than you do” 

5 Year old

Me: “Yes darling, they’re 10 years younger than mommy and haven’t breast fed the hungriest children on earth yet! Give it time.”

“It doesn’t matter what you look like with your clothes off mommy, I still love you!” 

3 Year Old

Me: “Thanks sweetheart. Hope it’s not too much to ask of you.” 

Her: “No mommy”

Point to note: Sarcasm is wasted on kids!

Bless them … they were saying it so sweetly and honestly and in a purely observational way. I hope I managed to deadpan-face my reactions so they didn’t see that I was dying a little bit inside! 

I am very conservative when it comes to my body so I think they were a bit surprised by the openness of two ladies changing in the gym yesterday while they were getting ready for their swimming lessons. 

Silver lining: they really don’t care what I look like and actually gave me reassuring hugs to make sure I know that they love me. Maybe the deadpan-face didn’t work quite as well as I’d hoped! ?