Growth Spurt Alert

For the last two days my eldest daughter is obviously having a growth spurt. She is two months away from turning 6 and leads a very busy little life with school, swimming, dancing, football, tennis, fighting her sister … Very. Busy.

The last few days she has literally been eating every half an hour. Not junk food, just ALL the food: Cereal, sandwiches, pasta, fruit, yogurt. Everything. Nothing seems to be filling the hole in her tummy. You’d swear she was a 14 year old boy!

All The Food

This morning, after a bowl of cereal and a piece of toast and two biscuits, I decided that this child might starve to death at school if I only pack her the usual one slice of bread sandwich (which she insists on!), a yoghurt and a small piece of fruit, 1/2 of which usually comes home with her on a normal day. But, as my mom would say “I’d hate for her to go hungry”. So I packed her a two slice sandwich, a yogurt and two pieces of fruit.

On collecting her from school at 12.30, we got as far as the school gate. We weren’t even in the car yet and she started whining and almost collapsed on the ground from what I can only assume were hunger pangs, claiming she was “starving hungry”.

As a concerned and caring mother I replied, “Okay my girl, we will have lunch as soon as we get home. Did you eat the extra lunch that I packed for you?”

This was her actual reply, I sh*t you not: “Noooo mommeeee. I didn’t eat it all because you packed too much! Now I’m hungry!”

I was confused so I attempted to clarify, just in case I was mistaken: “So you’re telling me that you are hungry because you didn’t eat the lunch that I packed for you. You didn’t eat it because I packed you TOO MUCH food, and so now you are hungry. Is that right?”

Her: “Yeeeesss!” *complete with eye rolling, like I’m hard of hearing!

Me: “…..”

*Clenches teeth, loads the kids up in the car and stops at the wine shop on the way home! 

FML – You can’t make stuff like this up! These kids are on a roll this week!

Happy Friday peeps! I hope your weekend is a good one! I’m off to my first blogging meet up in Joburg on Saturday. I’m equal parts nervous and excited.

Sunday is Mother’s Day – let’s hope my post from last week (Open Letter To My Husband About Mother’s Day) was read and noted! Check back next week for my review!!!

Mom Crush

Before I sign off for the week, pleeeease check out this awesome video!! If you haven’t seen it yet, you MUST. It’s freakin awesome and my new favourite song! I love the original, so a parody (of Girl Crush by Little Big Town) for moms, by a super talented singer is ‘da bomb’ … okay, not sure I can really pull that off. Moving on … check out Mom Crush by Selah, This Is Momming.

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