Fancy taking the easy way up to the summit of Mount Snowdon in the gorgeous Snowdonia National Park in North Wales? Of course you do! We went up on the Snowdon Mountain Railway. At the beginning of January, we decided to make our travel plans for 2019. We pulled out a map overlaid it with school holidays and family commitments. Then we set out our family weekends away, family day trips and family holidays. We had already made the huge decision to invest in a family vehicle that would suit all our needs [more on that to come]. With that in place, we booked our first family getaway. Our first stop was Snowdon Mountain Railway in Wales.

Where Is Mount Snowdon?

It’s in North Wales

Mount Snowdon is one of the Three Peaks which are made up of Ben Nevis – the highest mountain in Scotland, Scafell Pike – the highest mountain in England, and Mount Snowdon – the highest mountain in Wales. It is located in Snowdonia National Park in North Wales.

The Snowdon Mountain Railway in Wales is a unique rail journey that takes you up to the top of Mount Snowdon in a Diesel train. This is definitely the easier option especially when you have kids!

Despite being in the UK for nearly a year now, the girls have only been on a train a couple of times. This was different, and they loved it. The huge varying views of the amazing Welsh vistas were amazing. It took nearly 40 minutes to get to the 3/4 way mark up the mountain to Clogwyn station. This is the last stop for this time of year. This Welsh mountain railway was a huge hit for us. I’m so glad we did it.

Taking the train up Mount Snowdon

Whilst standing at the bottom, and then maybe 1/3 of the way up I thought that maybe we should have walked it. But after 20 odd minutes on the way up on the snowdon train they pointed out that it was the halfway mark for the walkers. And they all looked exhausted! I knew that the going up Mount Snowdon on the train was the best way for us to go!

Due to the time of year (March to April) the trains are only able to go 3/4s of the way up. This is because the top is usually still covered in snow at this time of the year. We’re already planning our next trip to North Wales in summer so next time I want to go all the way to the top!

The Views From Up The Mountain

Once we got to the Clogwyn Station we were able to get out of the train. They gave us 30 minutes of viewing time up there before the train would be heading back down. If you miss the return train because you are too busy exploring, you’ll need to walk down. This is an option as they do sell one-way tickets.

Needless to say, I took full advantage of the views to take as many photos as I could! It quite literally took my breath away. And the girls, well they were more interested in building “the tallest slate tower in Wales”! Never mind that though, I got to snap this picture and it reminds me of the Sound Of Music. What do you think?

Slate Tower On Mount Snowdon

This was my first visit to Wales. I really loved everything about it, and I can’t wait to have more short family breaks in North Wales. When I realised that it was only a few hours away from where we live in Yorkshire I was super excited because this means we can go more often.

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Snowdon Mountain Railway in Wales

The Snowdon Mountain Railway Llanberis station is located in the village of Llanberis. I would strongly suggest you check out their website for tickets, early bird specials and train times. And I would recommend booking your tickets in advance. The Diesel trains depart every 30 minutes but it is necessary to check the service as there can be changes made depending on the weather, and time of year.

We really did pack so much into our weekend in Wales that I have so much to share with you. There will be more posts to come over the next few weeks all about our family weekend getaway, including Swallow Falls, Caernarfon Castle and the Zip World Fforest Coaster!

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Snowdon Mountain Railway with kids