Welcome back to the #ItsOK Linky! I am so honoured to be part of the new #ItsOK Linky hosting team!

After a few months break, the #ItsOK linky is back with a bang and looking forward to reading all your posts.


Sometimes it’s brilliant, sometimes it can make your heart sing and your soul soar. But other times, it’s really bloody hard!

We all have those days when the laundry pile is so huge it could be declared an independent state, the carpet is crunchy underfoot, but you lack any motivation to fold and put away clothes or get the vacuum cleaner out.

When you’ve spent so long dealing with the latest tantrum that you haven’t made dinner and it’s nearly 5 o’clock. And when you finally finish cooking that meal your kids just whine about how they just want two-minute noodles instead, and you end up silently shouting ‘F*CK OFF!!’ into the fridge and wondering if it’s wine o’clock yet.

Well you know what?

It’s OK.

It’s OK to have those days when you just scrape by. It’s OK not to feel #blessed every day. It’s OK to admit that sometimes you’d far rather have a bit of time to yourself. To admit that as much as you love them, sometimes kids are d*cks. It’s OK not to be an “Instaperfect” Mum.

It’s OK to be ‘just OK’ sometimes. You can be a perfectly imperfect parent. You are still doing a bang-up job!

The #ItsOK Bloggers Linky – What’s It All About?

Perfectly put by one of my lovely co-hosts, Nicole explains,

“In a sentence, it’s about cutting ourselves some slack as parents. We’ve all been there – that place where we feel we’re not doing our best as mums or dads, that we aren’t giving our 100 per cent day in and day out. Where mom-guilt shrouds us every time we bottle-feed instead of breastfeed or give our toddlers chicken nuggets instead of a home-cooked-from-scratch meal. Where we are constantly playing catch-up instead of enjoying our kids.

We at the #ItsOK HQ want to change that. We want parents to feel less guilt and more joy in parenting.

The linky is a safe place where you won’t be judged for not being perfect (perfection is relative, anyways), but appreciated for being the best parent YOU can be. For doing the best YOU can. For Perfectly Imperfect Parenting, which leaves you and your children happier!”

Who Are The #ItsOK Linky Hosts?

The new #ItsOK hosting team comprises of the following lovely ladies, and me.

Nicole from Tales From Mamaville  who tweets at @MamavilleTales

Kate from The Mum Conundrum who tweets at @TheMumConundrum

Nina from GaaGaaLand who tweets at @Gaa_Gaa_Land

And me, Carly who tweets at @momof2lgs 

How It Works:

The linky will run every Tuesday from 7am until Thursday at 11.55pm.

Each of the four hosts will take turns to host the linky each week.

Week 1 – Nicole
Week 2 – Kate
Week 3 – Nina
Week 4 – Carly

You can link up from any of our blogs via the inLinkz code.

The host for the week will comment on all posts linked up that week and pick her favourite post to be the “Featured Post” for the following week. And you get a special badge to use as well. Snazzy!

There will also be an #ItsOK Pinterest Board where the weekly host will pin all posts linked up that week to.

Your posts can be about parenting fails, real-life incidents that reflect real parenting, helpful advice, rants about being an imperfect parent in a seemingly perfect world. Heartfelt, funny, serious, whatever you like, we’d love to read them!

The Rules – because otherwise the world decends into chaos. 

1. Add ONE link to the link up below

2. Comment on the host’s post

3. Please comment on the post before yours as well as another of your choice. In terms of linky etiquette this is pretty much the golden rule. Remember the more you give, the more engagement (and bloglove) you get!

4. The linky will run every Tuesday morning at 7 am until Thursday evening at 11.55 pm. Each of the four hosts will be taking it in turns to host the linky

5. Please add the linky badge to the bottom of your post or display it on your sidebar

6.  Follow and tweet us with your post’s link to @MamavilleTales @TheMumConundrum @momof2lgs @Gaa_Gaa_Land using the hashtag #itsok and the four of us will retweet you!

7. The hosts will choose their favourite post which will be featured the following week and will also provide a back link to your site. If your post is featured as one of our favourites then you are very welcome to display our lovely ‘#itsok Featured Post’ badge on your sidebar.

How else can you get involved in the #ItsOK linky community?

Follow the #ItsOK Pinterest Board.

Join the #ItsOK Facebook Group to keep up to date with the linky news. We will also share the featured post from the week before on the group. Please don’t add your links to this group too. Only the hosts can share posts to the Facebook group.

You can use the #itsoklinky hashtag on your Instagram posts as well and support each other by following the hashtag and liking and commenting on post if you want to.

We can’t wait to have you join us, and read and support one another on our individual parenting journey.

This week’s #ItsOK linky host is the lovely Nicole from Tales from Mamaville. You can link up to her post here and also check out the rules from there!

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