I have come to the conclusion that I really don’t care that the rules are different for parents, for teenagers and for kids. Because they are!

The rules ARE different!

Like what? Well for starters, I am sick of hearing the whole ‘lead by example’ phrase being used as a reason to put adults and children on a level playing field. We are not on a level playing field. I am an adult. I have paid my dues. They are children. They have not paid their dues!

So what do I mean exactly when I say that the rules are different for adults and kids?

Well for one, swearing!

It is not okay for my girls to swear. I don’t even let them retell a story about someone who swore.

On the other hand, I don’t want to hear my 15-year-old step-daughter swear in front of me, which she doesn’t. But, I am not naive enough to believe that she doesn’t.

I swear.

I’m not a trashy mouth ‘sweary Mary’, punctuating all my sentences with a poorly placed profanity … but I do swear. I swear when because of road rage, or stubbing my toe, or having to search the house for the damn hair brush! I definitely swear when I’ve heard them call me 300 times in the space of five minutes because one of them looked at the other and she doesn’t want her to. Yes, then I do respond under my breath with a “for fucksakes”.

And my husband? Well, he works in construction … he’s a respectable man in a family of females, but he’s human.

The rule of ‘no swearing’ applies differently to the different members of my family.

Bed Time!

No, the girls may not stay up until 10.00pm. They need to be in bed by 20.00pm the latest. I am big on routine and I won’t apologise for that. It’s my life too and it’s what is best for them.

Neither should the teenager for that matter, but luckily she is fairly responsible when it comes to bedtimes on school nights.

My husband can barely stay up past 21.00 so he doesn’t have a bedtime that I need to worry about.

Me? I don’t even attempt going to bed until after 22.30. Otherwise I just lie there, contemplating life, imagining scenarios that are only serve the purpose of increasing my anxiety!


I am a grown ass woman! I will snack when I want to snack. I also know better than to snack an hour before bedtime.

My kids do not!

So yes, there are different rules for me and for them.

There is also a different rule for my husband, but he doesn’t listen to the rules so I’m not going to bother.

Drinking Juice Before Bed


No child is ever as thirsty as the one whose mother just announced, “It’s bedtime!”

The rule is there for a reason. It’s a simple reason really. The reason is that Mommy doesn’t want to help you get up every five fricken minutes throughout the night!

Now if I want to drink wine juice before bed, then I shall because when I get up to go to the loo it’s just me that I wake up, not the whole house!


The Rules Apply

So yes, there are different rules for different members of my family. I won’t apologise for that. I’ve earned it. And as a mom of two little girls, I’m just trying to make sure that they grow up as decent, healthy, humans, whilst simultaneously attempting to maintain my own sanity. It’s called parenting.

What do you think about that?

Mom Of Two Little Girls