Most kids have gone back to school, except for mine!

I know that’s not exactly true, but that’s how it feels. Their school only opens on the 18th! It closed on the 30th of November, that means that by the time they go back, they will have been on holiday for seven weeks! SEVEN!

I’m bored, they’re bored, it’s rained almost every day since Christmas eve.

Here is their whinge list as it currently stands:

  • their crayons are broken or scattered all over the garden.
  • their (brand new Christmas) toys are ‘boring’
  • everything on TV has been watched on repeat at least three times and is boring
  • the playdough is hard because it’s been left outside too many times
  • the sandpit is basically empty of sand but full of water from the incessant rain (I’ve only told them to cover it up every day for seven weeks).

Here is my whinge list:

  • my house is dirty, despite my best efforts
  • the laundry basket is never empty
  • my purse, however, is very empty
  • I’m exhausted from feeding them ALL DAY!
  • Do you know how hard it is to get anything done, ever, with them!

A working mom told me yesterday that she will be sad when the holidays are over and her kids go back to school! I just wanted to punch her in the face right there. I restrained myself however considering she was my consultant in the bank, even though at that exact moment the girls were attempting to destroy each other in a fight over a chair with wheels IN THE BANK!!! That’s not an exaggeration! I deserved a medal, or at least a cask of wine!

The only acceptable activity that they (the children) are remotely interested in is watching the kids channels on YouTube! I absolutely LOATHE them, but unfortunately they have worn me down to the point that I do allow them to watch it for half an hour a day – any more than that and I’m terrified they will use up our daily wifi allowance and then I will be stuck without internet access – heaven forbid!!! It does feel a bit like selling my mommy soul to give in to their whining, but I think I lost my sanity somewhere around the 5th of January!

Anyway, the first day of school can’t come soon enough at this stage. This will be me for sure:



Just in case it wasn’t clear … Back to School is when the ‘real’ holiday starts for SAHMs. Not that we don’t do anything when they’re at school, but it gives us a chance to actually get sh*t done!



I love them really.