For long time readers of my blog, you will know that I’m a huge fan of routine when it comes to parenting, behaviour and basically just maintaining some semblance of sanity as a parent. And this applies to whether you are a stay-at-home-mum or a working mum, even if you do have help around the house, or if you fall somewhere in between those three. So I thought I’d share some time-saving tips for your morning routine. We can all do with a few tips here and there, the goal is to take what works for you, and not try to fit all these tips into your life.

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.

Time-Saving Tips for the Morning Routine

Do you struggle to get your kids out of bed in the mornings sometimes? Or do they take their time when it comes to getting ready for the day? Morning routines can feel like a chore sometimes, so it’s important to have yourself prepared for the mornings and organise your time in the best way. This guide from this independent school in Surrey will show you how you can prioritise your time in the mornings.

time-saving tips for your morning routine

Allow yourself enough time to rise from your bed

It’s tempting to continue to hit that snooze button, but it does mean getting out of bed becomes less and less tempting. Set yourself an alarm that’s earlier than you’d like, if you feel you need the snooze button. Remind yourself that you could end up being late otherwise! Having a well-planned sleeping schedule also helps with your organisation.

A good bedtime routine is especially important for kids. This doesn’t mean putting them to bed at 18.00 it means working out what their optimal bedtime is and then creating a routine around that: brush teeth, say goodnight, go to bed and read for half an hour, then lights out. It’s the routine of this that is key. It means that they sleep better and are fresh and ready for the day when they wake up in the morning.

Pack the bags and lay out all the clothes the day before

Having everything sorted the night before saves the hassle of deciding what to wear and organise in the morning. This is especially important if you have kids who wear a school uniform too – make sure all their uniform bits and bobs are together and don’t forget the PE kit!

If you need a packed lunch prepared for you and your child then sort this out after dinner the night before, so they can grab it straight out of the fridge in the morning.

Write a to-do list the day before

If you have an exceptionally busy day ahead of you then a to-do list can make sure you tick everything off throughout the day. After dropping the kids off at school, pull out that to-do list and get through the day feeling as productive as you can be. You’ll feel much more accomplished with all that you’ve done in a day managing your time well. And you can take a well-earned break when you’ve finished all your tasks for the day!

meal plan to save time

Meal Plan

Preparing a meal plan for the week is a great time-saving tip for your morning routine because you know what meal is needed for that day and you can prep for it in the morning (ie. taking meat out the freezer). I personally meal plan according to what my family are up to that evening. Life with busy kids and after-school activities, a husband who plays squash and as a mature student with evening lessons myself, all these things have to be taken into consideration when planning meals for your family and can really help save time in the mornings.

I hope these time-saving tips for the morning routine help play a positive and practical role in your daily life.