Travelling in 2021 is different – there are no two ways about it. With all the changes to travel post-pandemic, there are so many new things you need to consider when travelling to a foreign country. However, some things never change, such as cultural awareness and taking essential precautions before travelling abroad. So if you are planning on travelling abroad soon, make sure to read through the article!

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advice on travelling to a foreign country

Advice on Travelling To A Foreign Country

Learn Their Language

The best way to get around is by speaking the local language. At least buy a phrasebook and learn some basics, like how to ask for food or if you need help finding something in your destination city. Try practising with someone if it’s not possible (or too difficult) to pick up on their language. 

Alternatively, use Memrise, which will help you with your daily phrases no matter your level. In addition, learning their language enables you to get to know the culture and traditions better. Choosing a versatile language like French can really help out even if it’s not the main language of your chosen destination given how widely it is spoken.

observe local customs when travelling to a foreign country

Carry Clothes That Blend In With the Country’s Lifestyle

This is equally important from a cultural perspective and a climate perspective. When travelling to a foreign country, you should always be aware of the culture and customers of the country, specifically the way they dress. You don’t want to offend the local community, and you need to make sure your clothes are appropriate for the climate of your destination.

Avoid clothing items that are offensive to the culture. For example, it is disrespectful for women to wear sleeveless tops or shorts too short in India and the United Arab Emirates. Do your research in advance and make sure you pack clothing that will be appropriate.

Get All the Necessary Travel Documents

When travelling to a foreign country, you must get all the necessary documents. Check your government website for foreign travel advice and then make sure you have all the necessary travel documents. These include your passport (or other forms of identification), visas and any required vaccinations and inoculations for the specific destination. During these pandemic times, many international destinations now require proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test prior to entry. Having the results of a rapid COVID test in Boca Raton in hand can help you avoid travel disruptions.

Don’t forget other travel documents when travelling with your kids or other family members.

explore the world with kids

Know What Activities To Explore

When going to a foreign country, you must know what activities are worth seeing or doing. You should research and go to museums, galleries or exhibits that interest you. Take time during your travels to explore the area and see what there is to offer!

You do not need to be in a large city either; smaller towns may have more interesting things than larger cities and offer a cheaper alternative to the major city attractions. And don’t be put off visiting cities with kids; there are always so many different things to enjoy on a city break with kids.

Bring Safety Necessities

Travelling after quarantine can be an exciting idea. However, please do not forget that we live in the new normal. Besides fun, you should also ensure that you and the kids stay safe and protected against COVID-19 and other viruses. As such, consider bringing safety necessities with you while you explore the foreign land. You can put alcohol sprays, sanitisers, and immunity-boosting supplements inside your bag.

Most importantly, do not forget to carry extra face masks. KN95 may be better as they offer five-layer protection. Also, they are breathable and comfortable to wear all day, even for kids.

Book Accommodation Near Cities 

When you are travelling to a foreign country, it is important that you book accommodation near cities because you will easily explore the city. Always try to find places within walking distance from restaurants and bars, but if this isn’t possible, take Uber or public transport instead of hiring your car so there won’t be any problems. 

You can find accommodation near cities on travel websites like TravelSupermarket, Expedia, Airbnb and Ensure that your accommodation is clean, there are no hidden fees, and the photos look exactly like what you rent.


Travelling to a foreign country can be very exciting. You will need an itinerary of different activities and a list of the little things you may think about once there. Make sure you remember these small details next time you travel abroad! This way, your trip is sure to go smoothly!