As soon as the Trolls movie came out, we went to watch it at the movies. You can read my review of that here. As I predicted, my house is now littered with troll toys, towels, caps, t-shirts, sunglasses, etc. The only thing the kids don’t have yet are the Trolls duvet-cover and curtains.

At the time I enjoyed it, but reading back my review was less than enthusiastic. Maybe I was expecting too much. Maybe the stress of being in a movie house with two little girls had distracted me from paying attention.

Anyway, it came out on BoxOffice about a month ago. I bought it for the kids to watch, and let’s just say it was on permanent repeat for 48 hours.

Now either I have been brainwashed, or it is actually quite good. I love the music, the characters and the artwork is really creative. The bergens are not nearly as awful to watch on home size TV as they were on the big screen.

I have been eagerly waiting for the DVD release and was so excited yesterday when one of my ‘mom-friends’ told me it was out (obviously I missed the release date and am horrified that Dreamworks did not notify me personally! Pfft).

I rushed out this morning to buy it as my eldest daughter is having her BFF over for a playdate today and I am home alone with three little girls, ALL. DAY!

So anyway, that’s my weekend sorted.

Yes … I am caving to the electronic babysitter. Sue me!

What will the soundtrack of your weekend be?