Do you have a house full of children becoming restless from being cooped up inside? Are you trying to create entertaining and original family activities that won’t break the bank? It’s time to think creatively and unconventionally about fun outdoor activities for your kids.

To help you, we’ll discuss some of our favourite unconventional suggestions that will keep your kids entertained. So keep reading if you’re seeking something novel and fun to do outside.

7 Unique Outdoor Activities Your Kids Will Love

Nothing says “summer”, like getting outside and playing in the sun. But if your kids are bored with their usual outdoor activities, it’s time to step outside the box. Here are seven unique outdoor activities that your kids will love – no matter what their age range:

1. Monkey Bar Challenge 

Monkey bars are a classic outdoor activity that even adults remember playing on them. Up the ante by having your kids race each other across the monkey bars or see who can make it all the way across without stopping. 

You can create an obstacle course with the monkey bars if you want a more significant challenge. Vuly Play has a range of monkey bar accessories that can take your challenge to the next level. All ages can partake in this activity and have a blast. Additionally, you’ll be able to monitor everyone’s development and improvement throughout the weeks. 

2. Picnic Pictionary 

Picnics are always fun – but why not make them even more enjoyable with some added games? Set up your picnic blanket and bring along some paper and pens. Take turns drawing and guessing the answers to your favourite Pictionary words. 

This outdoor activity is great for all ages – from young toddlers to older kids; everyone will be able to join in on the fun. Ask questions about each illustration afterwards to spark conversation among family and friends. 

3. DIY Nature Scavenger Hunt 

Bring your kids on a nature scavenger hunt and have them spot various items in the environment – from plants to animals. You can even make this activity educational by having them identify certain trees, species of birds or types of rocks. 

This activity is great because it encourages children to take their time and observe things around them. It also aids in developing their fine motor skills as they search for small items. 

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4. Backyard Campout

Bring the camping experience right to your backyard! Put up a tent and spend the night outside in the great outdoors – roast marshmallows, tell spooky stories and star gaze together under the night sky. This activity is perfect for kids who enjoy returning to nature and exploring the outdoors. 

Let your kids take charge and help with setting up the tent and gathering any other supplies needed. This will help motivate them to get involved in the activity and gain new skills like problem-solving and leadership. 

5. Outdoor Art Projects

Create a masterpiece! Go outside, find some sticks, leaves or shells and start crafting together. Have everyone work on a different project or collaborate. Kids will exercise their creativity and explore new art mediums. 

This activity is especially great for young children as it allows them to get creative and express their imagination in fun, unique ways. The projects can be proudly displayed around your home or garden afterwards! 

6. Water Balloon Baseball 

Water balloon baseball is an excellent game for kids who love sports. Take a regular baseball game and add some water balloons – hit the balloon with the bat to make it fly in the air and have players run around trying to catch it. 

Additionally, throughout the play, everyone can cool off with a splash of water. This game is a fantastic method to have fun and instruct children in sportsmanship. So, gather some water balloons and get ready to play! 

7. Fairy Tale Trail 

Create an enchanting fairy tale trail in your backyard! Hang up storybook pages with questions or riddles throughout the yard, and have your kids follow the path of clues to get to the end. Include fun activities like jumping over a puddle or singing a song. 

This outdoor activity is great for kids who love stories and adventures. They will enjoy themselves immensely while learning about the world around them. Plus, you can add your preferred literary or cinematic characters and plots to the path. 


Stepping outside the traditional playground box can lead to amazing adventures your kids will love. From monkey bar challenge to fairy tale trail, it’s all about making memories and fostering a love for the great outdoors. 

Remember, the key is to keep things fun and exploratory. So why wait? Gear up and get ready to embark on these unique outdoor activities. Your little adventurers will thank you. Have fun!