I thought I should post an update to my post from Monday where I was stressing about some issues with my girls and the classes they’d been allocated to at school. 

I’m A Confrontation Avoider

The school confirmed that my eldest had indeed been separated from her bff on purpose, as had one other pair of girls. The reason being that both girls tend to dominate each other all day long, and they felt they would be better off learning in a space not dominated by each other, giving them the chance to develop on their own. I get it.

They confirmed that the elder of the two was placed in one class, and my daughter in the other purely based on their date of birth. I explained during the meeting with the headmistress that I wanted to know and understand if there was a problem, if my child was a troublemaker etc, but they assured me that was NOT the case. Thank goodness.

So with that said I am happy for her to stay in the class she is in. I spoke to her bff’s mom and explained what I had learnt. We have agreed to ‘help’ them with the transition but encouraging more time together outside of school hours, starting with a play date tomorrow. My daughter is so excited already.

With regards to my youngest daughter, the headmistress was surprised to hear what I had to say, and promised to look into it. I reinforced the point that I was very happy with the teacher she was currently placed with but that again, it felt like just my daughter was being excluded from all the kids she was at school with last year and I needed a reason why.

They came back to me on Wednesday and confirmed that there had been an oversight. They apologised and agreed that under the circumstances my daughter could move to the other class.

I was so relieved.

She was so happy skipping into her new classroom yesterday. I still felt awful though and so I bought her first teacher a little thank-you gift, a gorgeous potted plant.

So at the end of the day, it was worth going to see them, eve though I hate confrontation. At least I got the answers I needed with my eldest, and the result we wanted for my youngest. My husband would still have preferred them to move my eldest too. I guess that’s just how dads are, they want to make the whole world right for their precious angels.

We’re a good team, him and I. He helps me stand up for what is right and push past my insecurities and fear of confrontation, and I help him realise that you can’t win ALL the battles, and compromise is good sometimes.

Picture in Featured Image is from The Imperfectly Perfect blog. It’s worth checking it out.