Last week we had to claim for a new TV from our Insurance Company. The process included them coming to take away the old TV for a damage assessment. That was on Thursday. We got the go-ahead for a new TV yesterday as they deemed the old one irreparable. So basically we had a week without TV. Here’s what happened … 

Let’s Set The Record Straight

Just for the record, it was NOT damaged by the kids, contrary to my husband’s initial opinion and accusations! The engineers confirmed it was a manufacturers fault! I mean, it is almost suspended from the ceiling *no joke*, so it would be almost impossible for the kids to be the ones to have caused the LED failure in a perfect vertical line. I mean, let’s be honest, kids are more likely to actually pull it off the wall, or hit it with something hard (hockey stick, broom, belt buckle, skipping rope handle) to cause an actual break or crack. This isn’t the problem we had!

Moving on … So we had six full days without a  TV in the living room, and we survived! I am actually so proud of my girls. I do control their screen time … sort of … but I personally can’t stand silence in my house so the TV is always on. Always.

For the entire week that we had no TV, they really did surprise me. Not once did they whine and cry and complain about not having a TV.

Confession Time

In all honesty, we do have a TV in our bedroom but I have VERY strict rules about watching in there. Okay, I have one rule. ONE!

No eating or drinking in the bedroom!

Is that so blady hard? Is it?

Obviously it is because even though we have a TV in there, they don’t actually want to watch in there as ‘mommy shouts at us’ … because they eat crumbly biscuits in my bed!!!

FFS! Why?

To be fair to them, even when I did remove my metaphorical witches hat, relent and let them watch a movie on the TV in our bedroom … with popcorn, on a towel on the floor! … they actually lost interest halfway through and went to find something else to do.

My Observations

I know a few people who don’t even own a TV, and that’s great for them but that isn’t us. With that said, here is what I did notice over the past week without a TV:

  • My husband and I spent more quiet time together … in the lounge. Yes, we were on our phones, but it was a nice comfortable silence where we were both awake at the same time enjoying just being together.
  • The girls didn’t really miss it and seemingly accepted that it wasn’t available.
  • They played together a lot, without fighting.
  • Their attention span when doing colouring in, painting or their pretend play was far longer than usual without the noise of a TV distracting them.
  • There was generally less fighting because no one had to fight for the middle seat directly in front of the TV screen.


Now that we have a new TV, a Smart TV, the girls are enjoying watching it again. Although I have noticed that they were less inclined to spend the former number of hours watching it. I’m so proud of them. It might be something to do with their age, but I truly have enjoyed the last week without TV. They have spent good quality time bonding with each other, creating memories and driving me crazy! To top it off, we’ve also been on school holidays too so, it’s not even as if they had half days at school to keep them occupied.

Point To Note

Did you know that being a SAHM requires you to actually ‘play’ with them too. Isn’t that why I had two so close together? So they could keep each other busy and give me a break!?!

Kidding . Proud Mama!

A week without TV … could you manage it?



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