Yesterday started well. The girls were excited to go to school which tells me they enjoyed their first day back the day before. Thank goodness.

They have been going for swimming lessons for a while now, and are both doing really well. We were a bit late for the lesson in the afternoon as was the other family who we share lessons with so when we got there my two got in together while they waited for the other two. Normally their lessons are separate – the two 3-year-olds go together and then the older two – mine is 5 and the other girl is 6 but they are the same level of ability in swimming.

The lesson was going well but then I realised there was a problem. The teacher had obviously had enough of the girls messing around and not listening to him and he told them off, quite rightly so in my opinion. Well, my eldest had a face like thunder. She was so angry she swam about 20 meters at full speed without stopping, she was furious!

Her teacher and I were both shocked!

Not that she was angry, but that the anger fueled her swimming ability and she was awesome!!! haha.

Anyway, the other two girls arrived so my youngest got out and the little ones waited while the bigger girls had a proper lesson.

When my eldest got out she was still fuming and just burst into tears. I felt sad for her but I wasn’t sorry that she got told off. She’s the type that if you give an inch she will take a mile, she needs boundaries and she needed to be reminded that her coach is her teacher, not her friend and it’s up to him how the lesson progresses , not her. Her anger was a mixture of being angry, and being embarrassed.

When it was time for my youngest to get out the pool she threw quite an impressive tantrum. It’s been a long time since I saw her plank, but that exactly what she did. This huge 6ft6″ teacher could not get this little 3-year-old to stand up so he could safely let go of her on the side of the pool. Part of me wanted to laugh, but the other part of me was mortified!

Eventually I had to intervene and got it sorted.

In the end I think both girls had a bit too much going on in their little lives after such a long holiday. I was considering enrolling my eldest in an accelerated after-school maths class, but after yesterday I have decided it will be too much for her.

As from next week they will have school, dancing and swimming to go to. Adding another activity to that will be too much. My eldest has one year left of pre-school before grade one starts and whilst I strongly believe education is important, (see my post from yesterday – I Want More For Them) there must be a balance.

Education in the morning; sports in the afternoon; family time in the evening.

In case you were wondering, I love routine, and my kids perform and behave better when they are in a routine.