You know those days when the kids point blank refuse to get dressed or do anything productive, and secretly you’re quite relieved. Until around midday … that’s when boredom strikes. Let’s not forget the mom guilt that will mean you also feel obliged to limit screen time and so when that happens, it’s time to get creative. Unfortunately, I’m not very good at this. I read a post recently by the lovely Nicole at Tales From Mamaville and her post about alphabet games with food was timed to perfection for me. 

Making A Cereal Necklace!

This might be the easiest craft activity for kids, and a sneaky treat for any of you moms out there who, like me are not crafty moms. You can thank me later because if there was an award for the least crafty mom, it would go to me.

I set the girls up with a bowl of Oat cereal (you can use any cereal that is a circle with a hole in it), a piece of string or cotton thread and told them to make their own Oatie necklaces. They were so excited by something so simple that I’m actually feeling really guilty. I lie, I’m not feeling guilty.

Anyway, it kept them busy for a whole 20 minutes! Awesome.

10 Benefits of a Cereal Threading Craft For Kids

Here are 10 benefits of a cereal threading craft for kids.

  1. You probably already have this cereal at home.
  2. You will already have some sort of threading kit
  3. They can eat this craft (the cereal – not the thread).
  4. There will be less mess than cleaning up after breakfast.
  5. It’s great for hand to eye coordination.
  6. You don’t have to feed them again afterwards.
  7. If you have a dog they will help with the cleaning up.
  8. You don’t really have to help them much if they are over the age of 3 years old.
  9. It costs next to nothing.
  10. It takes them long enough to do for you to drink your coffee whilst it’s still hot.

Not only is this a healthy snack they can eat, but the threading activity is great for their hand-to-eye coordination. So, next time when boredom strikes, whip out the round cereal and get them threading!

Top Tip: measure the length of string required to fit over their heads BEFORE they start otherwise trying to lengthen it afterwards is not fun for you.

If you’re looking for some other easy crafts for kids, why not check out chocolate bubble wrap! Alternatively, check out my Pinterest Board all about Crafts and Activities for Kids.

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