When KidloLand approached me to do a review of three of their apps, it was a big ‘Yes’ from me! The summer holidays are in full swing. Whilst we are on holiday I am still trying to do extra learning activities with the girls to help them catch-up a bit since moving from South Africa to the UK. I knew that these apps could help me do that so doing the KidloLand App reviews of three of their apps was a win for the kids, and a win for me!

We all know that too much screen time is not good for our kids. But let’s be honest here, whilst we don’t want them to grow up with ‘square eye’s’, they need to be technologically savvy! And they are! Most two-year olds out there can unlock their parent’s phone without even realising what they are doing. For me it has got to the stage where if screen time is also learning time, I’ll allow it. In moderation of course!

As long as what they are doing on the phone, tablet or Smart TV is positively contributing to their education, or teaching them a life lesson such as kindness, anti-bullying etc, then I don’t mind.

Let’s Get Appy – KidloLand App Reviews


Kindergarten Kids Maths Games


The Kindergarten Kids Maths Games app is divided into two separate sections. Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten. As my youngest is 5 years old, then we opted for the Kindergarten sections. There were a huge variety of games for her to choose from and even my 7-year-old enjoyed them. From the basic counting to 20, to counting in 2s, 5s, and 10s, and even to teach them multiples of 5s and 10s in a much more fun and interactive way than just writing it down with a pen and paper!

Besides simple counting games, there are other games to teach kids about different shapes, comparisons, patterns and addition and subtraction, and more.

KidloLand Kids Maths Games is available on iOS and Android.

KidloLand Kids Nursery Rhymes

My girls have actually had this app since they were tiny. It has a huge range of interactive games for your little ones to enjoy. From classic nursery rhymes and sing-a-long songs to tracing letter shapes, and interactive stories that help kids to learn to count. It has so much to offer that we didn’t get to go through half of it yet.

Most of these apps were enjoyed more by my 5-year-old. My 7-year-old was a bit too old to enjoy majority of them, or for them to hold her attention for very long, but as I said, my 5-year-old loved them all.

KidloLand Kids Nursery Rhymes is available on iOS and on Android.

Kidlo Coding

Whilst the other two apps I mentioned above are more suited for my 5-year-old, my 7-year-old loved the Kidlo Coding app. It has over 50 games to help teach kids about coding and programming. It teaches them about sequences, procedures and how to understand programmes, execute solutions and how to solve errors. This whole concept really fascinated my daughter and kept her busy for hours (I mean, the appropriate amount of PC screen time hours, of course!).

The sheer number of games available too is amazing. This KidloLand app deserves all the awards it has won!

KidloLand-Coding-For-Kids KidloLand-Coding

Kidlo Coding is available on iOS and Android.

Freebie Tip

Whilst these KildoLand App Reviews are the point of this sponsored post, the KidloLand Website has an awesome selection of free printable worksheets to help keep kids busy and learning at the same time! You’re welcome!

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Disclaimer: I received free access to these apps in return for this review, however all opinions are my own! All images in this post are screenshots taken with my own personal device whilst doing the KidloLand App Reviews.