Why move to Orlando? A question only those who’ve never visited ask. Florida has, for a long time, been the place that people consider running away to.  The mild winters, beautiful beaches, and endless theme parks make this state feel like an infinite vacation to some. 

Although many Florida natives have some issues with the state, a lot is going on to feel like a tractor beam pulling vacationers and relocators into the form: especially Orlando. Nicknamed, “The City Beautiful”, One in every 112 Orlando residents moved there in the last year: and if you want to know why so many people move to Orlando, here’s why.

downtown orlando

Year-Round Good Weather

Unlike other parts of the country, there’s no real winter and no extra harsh summer in Orlando.  This city keeps within the same weather most of the year, with spikes and variances happening rarely.

The only time the weather turns South is when hurricane season starts up.  These enormous storms are enough to scare away most snowbirds and vacationers: but those who move here have to accept them as a fact of life.  Although there’s no predicting how the season will look, not every storm will be horrible, so to many, it’s still worth it.

Disneyland Florida

Endless Entertainment

If you want to live somewhere with countless ways to have fun, Orlando may be the spot for you.  From Disney and Universal Studios to Seaworld and Gatorland, you can spend every week of the summer checking out a different theme park without repeating it!  And with all the endless entertainment options in Florida, you will always manage to find something in your budget. Check out these 101 money-saving tips for Orlando which everyone needs to have!

There are fantastic events, clubs, and parties that go on every weekend, and you can’t imagine how wild the city gets during spring break.  This town is like a magnet for tourists, so although you have to deal with them cluttering this perfect city, most people can make peace with that for the views and fun. In fact, Orlando’s list of things to do is so extensive that you’re guaranteed to find something that fits your interests and budget.  

Short Drive To Beaches

Although the city isn’t directly on a beach, this makes it safer for hurricanes and storms.  Instead, an hour’s drive East will get you to the Atlantic Ocean, and a three-hour drive West will take you to the Gulf Coast.  Instead of dealing with the expense and stress of living shoreside, you can still enjoy the waves and sand after a short trip.

why move to Orlando

Beautiful Scenery

If you ever have the chance to look at Orlando houses for sale, the first thing you’ll notice is how beautiful the yards and properties are.  Stretching beautiful green lawns, gorgeous trees older than the city itself, homes built to last with an ancient yet modern feeling build up into some of the most attractive neighbourhoods in America.  If you want to live somewhere, you’ll get to be awestruck by every day: this is the spot.  Orlando’s nickname is literally “The City Beautiful” because of the aesthetic value of the area.  

Orlando might not be for everyone, and unfortunately, this beautiful city does have its drawbacks as every city does, but there are solid reasons people keep moving out there.  It’s a gorgeous temperate area that’s going to keep you busy and excited for as long as you live there!

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