Well, it’s all a bit rubbish at the moment, isn’t it? Many of us are in a second lockdown, and some people probably feel like it’s been a year of lockdown. It all feels a bit gloomy and apprehensive at the moment, waiting to find out if we will be allowed to travel or spend Christmas in 2020 with our loved ones. I find the waiting and not knowing extremely difficult. I’m a planner and I like to have a plan of what’s going to happen. So far – no plan! Hopefully, if we all just buckle down as best we can, Christmas in Lockdown won’t happen, and we’ll all still get to enjoy most of the Christmas Traditions that make Christmas magical every year. So I’ve started putting together this epic list of 40+ ways to celebrate Christmas 2020 whether we are in lockdown or not and to make it one to remember, in a good way.

I’ve been working hard on coming up with an epic list of ideas and things to do and ways to celebrate Christmas in 2020 as magical, fun and exciting for the whole family as it can be. First and foremost though, the huge debate raging across the world right now is …

“Have you put your Christmas tree up already or are you holding off until December?”

Whatever you’ve done or haven’t done, I guarantee you, once your Christmas tree and lights are up, you will definitely start to feel more Christmassy. But just in case you need MORE, here are some fun ideas to make Christmas 2020 more Christmassy!

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40 ways to celebrate Christmas 2020

Connect with Santa over lockdown Christmas 2020

GOOD NEWS, I heard on the radio the other day that Santa and his elves do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT need to self isolate or go into quarantine on entering your country in 2020. They have been isolating in the North Pole since the beginning of January and there have been NO cases of Coronavirus there during 2020, so they are safe.

With that said I don’t think we will have many opportunities for the kids to meet Santa in person in the run-up to Christmas this year, I hear he is extremely stretched at the moment. So here are a few different ways to celebrate Christmas by connecting with Santa:

  • Lapland letters – a letter from Santa – these are awesome letters that arrive through the post personalised for your little ones. My girls loved them last year!
  • Be Safe this Holiday Season. Book your virtual chat with Santa! – A video chat with Santa!!! Brilliant!
Talk To Santa Live Video Call

Wear Your Christmas Jumpers … like, a lot!

What would Christmas be without a Christmas Jumper? And the louder, more outrageous and uglier the better for Christmas 2020. I definitely think that considering we will be spending more time at home, online and away from society, 2020 is the perfect year to wear all your Christmas jumpers, just one day after the other! And if you don’t already have one, here are a few Ugly Christmas jumpers to choose from !!

I get that ugly Christmas jumpers are not for everyone, so if you’re after a really cute and pretty selection of Christmas jumpers for kids, check out this post from Shelley at Wander & Luxe.

Christmas Advent Calendars with a Difference!

We all know about the traditional Christmas Advent Calendars, here are a few different ideas for Advent Calendars for the whole family.

p.s. I saw a few ready made DIY Christmas advent boxes at Aldi.

Christmas Baking For Kids

What would Christmas be without baking and stuffing our faces. And if lockdown taught us anything, it’s that baking (banana bread specifically) can help fill a void and make us all much happier. And screw the diets! We’re all living in lounge wear and Christmas jumpers anyway! So add baking to your list of ways to celebrate Christmas 2020 with these fun Christmas recipes for Christmas baking for kids (and adults too).

Bake Gingerbread Christmas 2020

Make Your Own Christmas Wreath!

Whilst I’m saying ‘make’ what I really mean is that I’m going to buy a wreath making kit from a local maker! There are so many options available on Etsy local to me that I can’t even make a decision right now, but I do know I need to get cracking on ordering it! Oh, and I have to convince my husband that it’s not going to damage the door to put a Christmas Wreath up!

But you can get the kids to make their own ones too – check out this one from Hodge Podge Days – A hand printed Christmas Wreath.

Also, why not try a Festive Rag Wreath like this one from A Rose Tinted World

If you want to make a hoop wreath yourself, Sarah from Extraordinary Chaos has a helpful guide. And it’s gorgeous!

Cerys from Rainy Day Mum says she buys plain ready-made ones and then decorates them herself. One of the most popular things to add to your Christmas wreath is slices of oranges that have been dried. (Who knew?) Cerys has a helpful guide on how to dry orange slices in a microwave.

And keeping with the alternative ideas for a Christmas Wreath, Louisa from Thimble and Twig has this one using grapevines, which you could then add your dried orange slices too as well as whatever you want.

Christmas Crafts for Christmas in Lockdown 2020

If you’re looking for some Christmas Crafts and Christmas activities for kids, there are a few sites to get some downloadable activities that the kids can do at home this Christmas.

One of my favourites at the moment in Collette & Co. She has some brilliant Free Christmas downloads. Check these out:

One of my kid’s favourite holidays/observances is Halloween. They love dressing up and getting out and about seeing all the houses done up and what everyone else is wearing, and of course the sweets. I can across this brilliant idea for something similar but with a Christmas theme from Emma at Me & Bee Make Tea – A Christmas Scavenger hunt. She’s got a free cool download too so wrap up warm (if you in the North) and then go out and about with the kids and see how many things from the Christmas scavenger hunt list you can find!

As many of you know, I’m not a craft mom. I love Pinterest, but not so much as a creator, more as a user! So here is a collection of some brilliant Christmas crafts and other ways to celebrate Christmas 2020, most are for kids, all saved neatly in one place in my Pinterest account. You’re welcome!

Watch as many Christmas movies as you can!

My top 5 Christmas movies for moms have to be – in no particular order:

  • Love Actually – hands down, my all-time favourite Christmas movie!
  • The Holiday
  • Four Christmases
  • Bridget Jones Diary
  • Holiday In The Wild

My kids have already been watching Puppy Star Christmas on repeat, but I feel they I am ready for them to expand on their viewing! Now if you’re after Christmas movies for Kids, Helen has a great list to choose from. Until then, let’s watch a little Hugh Grant dancing!

Christmas Traditions To Start in 2020!

Something I’m always curious about is other people’s Christmas traditions. I have shared a number of different Christmas traditions over the years, from friends and family all over the world. Here are a few of those posts, plus a few others – you can never have too many Christmas traditions I think. And in 2020, the year of everything being Xtra, let’s all start some new Christmas traditions:

My Family Christmas Photo

Christmas When You Are Far Away From Your Family

I’m in no way taking away from anyone, just how hard Christmas could be for those who are spending it away from their loved ones for the first time. However, as someone who has spent far too many Christmases away from my family, I wanted to share a few ways in which we try to ‘celebrate’ Christmas with our loved ones far away.

  1. ZOOM Calls! My daughter keeps going on about how she wants a group zoom chat with all the family whilst we open presents. Now, most people including grandparents, don’t want to wake up at the crack of dawn to open Christmas presents. Even parents with little kids in their home don’t, but we don’t get a choice. So this isn’t something we’ve done before, but I think that considering the time difference between the UK and South Africa & Zimbabwe is now them 2 hours ahead, this might be a reasonable achievement. If it’s 06.00am here, then it’s 08.00am there and I’m sure that we could try manage this – internet connectivity permitting.
  2. Sending recorded Christmas messages to loved ones so that they can replay them over and over again. Yes mother – I know you do this!
  3. Creating family Christmas messages to send to your loved ones via Whatsapp. I feel like Canva have made it impossible to be lazy and just forward the generic Whatsapp messages we receive from others. There is no excuse not to whip up your own one to then spam all your contact with in a much more personal way!
  4. Organise a Christmas Eve story reading session with your children’s grandparents so that they can read the kids a bedtime story live via Zoom/Facebook or whatever video calling service you use.
  5. Sending personalised gifts ordered online. For a Mega 2020 Christmas Gift Guide, check out this one from my friend Nicole.
  6. You could even host a virtual Christmas Party with your kids and their friends, Christmas 2020, dancing social distancing style! lol

Even More Ways To Celebrate Christmas 2020

Whilst there are definitely going to be fewer trips to the local garden centres and fewer Santa’s Grottos, there are still loads of online events and local events to take advantage of. My advice would be to jump on to Facebook and search for events happening in your local area. Local events will have the up to date social distancing and lockdown restrictions that apply to you so it’s probably the safest way to do it.

If you want even more ideas about how to make Christmas in Lockdown as memorable and fun as possible, do check out my Christmas 2020 – Christmas in Lockdown Pinterest Board.

I hope this list of 40+ ways to celebrate Christmas 2020 provides some cool, fun, and Christmassy inspiration for your. It’s been a rough year for so many of us, and I really wanted this post to offer alternative ideas to spending loads of money on Christmas. Christmas is about family, spending time with loved ones, making memories and for many, it’s a time to rest of a crazy year. I pray that Christmas 2020 will be one to remember for all of us – I’m sure it’s going to be different to what you’re all used to, but let’s try make the most of it.

Merry Christmas everyone.


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