I am a mom of girls, two of them, plus a bonus step-daughter who is a teenager! There are no boys in our family, except those who marry in. There are certain things moms of girls will understand that unless you are a mum of girls, you might not get!

We have so many girls in our family, men are a rarity. In fact, only one member of my extended family has a son. I have four sisters, one of my sisters only has girls, my sisters-in-law only have girls, my cousins have girls except for the one boy. ONE! I even have a stepdaughter too so I am highly qualified when it comes to being a mom of girls.

With that said there are a few things you come to realise about life with girls that, like it or not, are a reality. So here’s a hopefully hilarious account of things moms of girls will understand!

things moms of girls will understand

25 Things Moms Of Girls Will Understand

So, moms of girls, let me know if you recognise any of these things moms of girls will understand:

  1. The drip-tray in your kitchen is always filled with pink plastic-wear. Always! Pink cups, pink plates, pink drinking bottles. Pink, Pink, Pink.
  2. Despite you professing during pregnancy that you would never dress them in pink, whenever there is a ‘come in any one colour’ dress-up day at school they’ll be wearing pink, maybe with a dash of purple … just to ‘shake things up’, but always pink!
  3. Knickers – there are knickers everywhere, all the time, in various sizes, in various colours. They seem to change their knickers as often as they change their minds, especially when they are potty training!
  4. You know all the My Little Pony characters by name and mane colour and refer to them in conversation with your children as if they are real life friends! “Where is Princess Celestia?” or “Pinkie-Pie is not coming with to school!”
  5. You have at least five different Barbie movies, probably more.
  6. If you have more than one daughter, they either MUST dress the same, or they MUST NEVER dress the same. The position on this changes almost daily, and you never really know which way to go when you wake up in the morning, but either way you are never fully prepared. It’s even more extra, the closer they are when spacing your children!
  7. You have a love-hate relationship with Frozen because you have watched it so many times you can recite it word for word and the market is flooded with Frozen merchandise! But you secretly love Sven, and ogle over Kristof!
  8. You love Moana because she isn’t Frozen!
  9. Daddy is number one until he eventually decides to discipline them and then their hearts are broken forever and you might hate him a little bit too. Kidding my love! 
  10. As sisters, they either love each other or hate each other. This situation changes on a minute by minute basis. Again, unless you’re a sister of a sister, you will not understand. Even then the phrase ‘pick a side’ comes to mind. I’m so sick of the fighting!
  11. Mommy’s make-up is never safe. Ever! No matter where you might put it or try to hide it, they’ll find it. Don’t even bother buying the nice stuff.
  12. They have more shoes at any one point in time in their lives than you have ever had in your whole life!
  13. You will have spent roughly a trillion dollars on hair-ties, hair clips, hair bows and slides, but you are currently clinging to the last one you can find in your house.
  14. There is only one exception to the point above, the spare hair-band in your handbag, but you NEVER take it out! Never. That one is for emergencies! I’m not sure what kind of hair emergency there might be yet, but I’ll be prepared.
  15. They must dance, wherever they are, whenever they feel like it, and you must watch them, always! The world is their stage. Just don’t laugh! Never laugh.
  16. Girls have a lot of hair, and your drains will always be blocked. Always. I’m convinced mine have lost more hair in the bath in their lifetime than is currently on their heads, and they have a lot of hair.
  17. You are always wrong. They are always right. You were born yesterday. Deal with it. (This may not only be applicable to girls but I have no idea.)
  18. Mommy’s high-heeled shoes are “waaayyy” better than theirs. Waaayy! They must be worn when mommy is on her last nerve just to tip you over the edge with that *click clack* sound. You don’t even wear heels anymore.
  19. You constantly hear your own words coming out of their sassy mouths and have to bite your lip to stop yourself from laughing, or crying. Either one.
  20. You constantly hear your mother’s voice coming out of your mouth, and you want to cry and beg her forgiveness for everything! I’m sorry mom!
  21. Your parents love them more than they loved you. And you don’t mind.  (Again, probably not unique to girls.)
  22. At least one doll in the house has had a haircut, and you’re lucky if it’s just the doll and not them. Moms of girls, should we just cry now? Here’s how to attempt to repair dolls hair!
  23. They are like magpies – anything that shines is pretty. Glitter, sequins, sparkly candy. Any of it.
  24. They like to whine, so most of us mommy also need to wine, that or eat cake.
  25. They are hormonal and moody from the day they are born. God help me in the teenage years! FYI – the 7 & 8 Year Old Emotions are the toughest!

I could go on but I think I’ve made my point, that said, being a Mom Of Girls is amazing!

So, from a mom of two little girls, to all the moms of girls out there and step-mums, *big hugs* – we’ll get through it together.


I hope you enjoyed this tongue-in-cheek account of life as a mum of girls. My girls are my world, and they drive me crazy, but I wouldn’t change a thing … well I would, but not them themselves!