I have tried many times to downsize my handbag. Many. Many. Times. Sadly, I continue to fail. Every time I start using a small, slick, pretty little purse style handbag I end up needing something I would usually carry in my giant mum bag, but because I had to compromise on what can fit in the purse, now all I have is my keys, lip-gloss and my phone. It got me thinking though, what are the 5 things I never leave the house without.

Let’s go back a bit … to discover WHY this is an issue

When you have a baby, you need to carry a lot of stuff with you. All the time. All the stuff, everywhere. You usually end up ditching the posh looking bags in favour of some cheap supermarket style baby bag because let’s face it, you can’t shove a puke soaked leather bag in the washing machine every week now can you? No.

So you end up spending years carrying around an increasingly worn but versatile bag that is not only for carrying nappies, wipes and formula, but grows as the baby grows and you end up putting your purse in there, some snacks for both of you, 5 changes of clothing, and an umbrella.

It all fits in the bag people!


What’s with the Bag?

One day, you wake up and decide that today is the day. The day you will brave a dash to the supermarket, with two small children, and NOT take the bag with you. You’ll only be 20 minutes. You feed them, and make them go to the loo before leaving the house. And you leave the bag by the front door, on purpose.

Now this is only successful if there are no accidents. If your mission is not a failure. One day it will happen. The trick is not to get cocky, or peak too soon, Susan!

The doubt!

Half the time I prepare to leave the house I contemplate leaving my bag at home but I always chicken-out at the last minute because, what if …

  • What if the kids touch something dirty and I don’t have my travel pack of wet wipes, or if one of them has mucus running out their face … or sneezes a big greeny, I will need tissues. And more wet wipes!
  • There will always be a chance that they could somehow destroy my perfect mum-bun, usually during car seat buckling procedure. I will never be able to fix it without my ‘handbag brush’. Don’t laugh – we all have one!
  • How will I survive if we get stuck in a queue and I don’t have any ‘distraction sweets’? You know the ones, the ones they slip you when you pay for your meal at the restaurant, they are essential for stopping the whining “how much longer mumy?”
  • What if I need one of those store cards from my card purse – the most gigantic purse in the world. This purse is not the money or bank card purse, it’s the the other one. The one with just the many store cards in. You know, just in case I go somewhere where I might be asked “do you have our loyalty card?” I can honestly answer “Yes! I have ALL the cards!”
  • What if my lips get dry and I need lip gloss which must match my outfit therefore I need 3 different shades in my mom baby bag at all times!

And then it happens … You win!

But eventually you will do it, and it will be a success. I can’t describe to you the liberating feeling of euphoria I experienced when I was finally able to ditch the baby bag seems. It seems like so long ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday!

Now that I no longer need the baby bag, here is a list of 5 things I never leave the house without:

  1. Keys: both car and house/garden/postbox/other miscellaneous keys for houses we no longer live in!
  2. Sunglasses, usually perched on my head.
  3. Handbag containing all previously mentioned things above just in case …
  4. Phone – of course.
  5. Tampons – because being a woman sux hard sometimes, usually unexpectedly and inconveniently! *can you see me rolling my eyes?*

Now, to celebrate no longer having to carry a baby bag as your handbag, here are some lovely bags that you could use instead:

Some Calvin Klein maybe?

Or maybe some Michael Kors?

Personally I quite like this one … it’s more my speed.

What do they all have in common?

They scream, “I don’t contain wet wipes, or a half eaten sandwich so get your sticky fingers off mummy’s bag!”

So, tell me, what are the top 5 things you never leave the house without?

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