I have a theory. Controversial maybe, since I’m not a scientist or a priest. I’m just a woman, standing in front of her family tree, contemplating the future. 

The men who marry into my family are breeding out their family names.

Let me try to explain how I arrive at this theory. Please try keep up.

My mom and dad got married and had my sister and I, and then they got divorced. (Full Sister)

My dad remarried some years later and they had a daughter. (Half Sister)

My mom also got remarried to a man who already had two daughters. (Step-sisters)

My Full sister and I grew up with a half-sister and two step-sisters. 5 girls.

It was awesome!!!

Life Moved on, fast forward.

I met my husband-to-be. He already had a daughter from a previous relationship. (Step-Daughter)

After we were married some years later, we had our two little girls. (Daughters)

One of my Step Sisters also got married and they have three daughters. (Step-cousins to my daughters)

If you are still following … So far, no boys have been born into our family and only two married in!

My husband and I will not be having any more children. He had three goes at making a boy – his time is up. He has two sisters, the elder one has three daughters, and the younger one has one daughter. As they took their partner’s names for their children, there is no one left to potentially create boys to carry his family name on.

His family name (from his direct line) will therefore die out unless any of our daughters decide to keep our name and pass it down to any of their sons, but technically the traditional link will be broken.

If you think I’m done, I’m not.

My step-sister’s (refer back – the one with three daughters) husband has a sister and took her husband’s name. So their line is also done.

Both my Full Sister and Half sister are as yet unmarried and neither of them have children yet. Should either of them have children in the future, traditionally those children will take their father’s name so my Father’s line has already died out, exactly as per my husband and step-brother-in-law’s family lines.

The same goes for my unmarried step-sister. She also is not married yet and doesn’t have children, but again, her children would most likely take their father’s name and so my Step-Father’s line has ALSO died out.

Do you know what the BEST thing about all of this is?

None of the men who married in to our family care one little bit about not having boys!

Not one of them!

They are all completely satisfied with their bevy of girl. They have and continue to raise their Princesses to know and believe that they can do ANYTHING they want in life, as long as they work hard, and never stop trying.

None of us allow being girls to stop them doing anything they want, except peeing all over the garden!

I am proud to be married to a man who is determined to do all we can to support our girls and ensure that they become strong, confident, well educated, independent women!

What are the benefits of all these women?

  • No one can say we are unprepared to deal with hormonal mood swings
  • You will ALWAYS have something PINK to wear.
  • The pre-loved clothes are endless.
  • Everyone knows everything about ALL the Disney Princesses and Fairies, including the dads, except maybe the Grandparents.
  • And they will all have friends for life.
  • There’s not a lot about being step-parents, half sisters, or step-sisters that we don’t already ALL know! Between us we could write a book.

Sadly, the following is also true right now:

  • My four sisters and I are spread out over three continents over two hemispheres.
  • The last time I saw one of them in real life (not counting skype/facetime) was seven months ago.
  • One of them I haven’t seen since I got married seven years ago.
  • I haven’t met one of my nieces yet.
  • The next time I will see one of them is in seven months time.
  • The closest of my sisters lives a two day drive from me.

I miss you all. xx

Note: I originally a version of this blog post in October last year. It’s had a revamp and I love it even more. 

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