I’m about to have a good old rant because today I don’t feel like being a big girl. I don’t want to adult!

As I mentioned a few days ago, I had both my hips replaced last year. Blah, blah, blah. I’m finally starting to feel normal again, the pain is almost all gone, etc etc.

And then I needed to go to the dentist!

Yes, yes! I should go for regular check-ups, but I don’t. Why don’t I?



Two weeks ago I had a bit of toothache, and because of the blady hips I know that I can’t afford to have any serious infections so I quickly went to see what was wrong without putting too much thought into it. Think, ripping off a bandaid.

I got told that I needed to have quite a lot of work done – which I knew, but had been putting off for years! No pain, no need to go, right?!

Anyway, I booked the appointment for today. Last week I got a call from the dentist’s receptionist to come get an antibiotic script in preparation for the treatment. What, why? BECAUSE OF THE HIPS! Apparently for the rest of my blady life, every time I have to go for dental treatment I will have to take these hectic antibiotics to avoid infection!

Then three days ago my eldest started coughing, really badly. Then yesterday morning I woke up and I knew I was getting it too. Last night I even slept in the lounge because my coughing was so bad I couldn’t settle and that’s really not fair on my husband. Besides the coughing I could feel myself starting to tense up and stress about the dental appointment.

Yes, I know I am 35 years old.

And as a friend of mine told me today – suck it up, be a big girl, and go!

By the time I got there I was shaking like a leaf.

Taking yourself to the dentist as an adult must be the equivalent of a child confessing to drawing on the wall with permanent marker, to their dad!


Anyway, I spent an hour and a half in the chair. My whole body was tense, my fingers digging into my own chest! I didn’t actually experience much pain so I guess it wasn’t too bad, but I still heard the drilling and grinding, felt the water spraying, the squeaking, and at one point I honestly thought he was just trying to pull my tooth out with his hand! Let’s not even talk about the fact that you know you’re drooling but you can’t feel it!!! It’s all so undignified!

He did four fillings, (FOUR) and they honestly do look and feel so much better. Half way through though he suggested he postpone the next patient so he can do ALL the work there and then, to which I politely suggested that next week would be better for me! Yes, yes, I know I’m a chicken!

I’m so glad I did though, because now the numbness is finally wearing off it honestly feels like I had the hulk’s hands in my mouth. My jaw is aching, and I’m actually quite sore which in my case translates into, I’m quite irritated and p*ssed off, don’t even look at me!

At the end of the appointment I can honestly say the fear of going was worse than the experience. But, just because I’m a 35 year old mother who gave birth naturally, twice, and had both hips replaced, doesn’t mean I can forget the psychological scars and memories of pain caused by dentists in my youth. No one can take that away from me!

And let me tell you what the WORST part of what today is going to be!! Because of the hectic antibiotics, I can’t even cheer myself up with a glass of wine. I can’t even reward myself for actually going to the dentist with a nice ice cold glass of Chardonnay.


Roll on tomorrow!

Let’s not think about the fact that I’ll have to do this all over again next week!

Today I do not want to be a big girl. Today I suck at adulting!