I took the girls to watch the new DreamWorks Trolls movie this morning. I chose the early show because I was taking them on my own, think popcorn, drinks, sweets, steps, over excited kids – result: chaos! So by taking them to the early show I was praying there would be very few people there, I was right.

It was so much better than the afternoon shows. There were only two other groups there so I didn’t feel the need to continuously shush them, I didn’t even yell when the youngest tipped 1/2 her box of popcorn on the floor. Very expensive popcorn! Grrr

Let me just say, DreamWorks are amazing: How to Train Your Dragon 1 & 2, Shrek, Shark Tale … need I say more.

The movie itself was very, very colorful, and quite entertaining. The girls enjoyed it and want to watch it again tomorrow. Ummm … no.

The music was great and quite frankly I love anything with Anna Kendricks in. The story is sweet but in my opinion it just did not live up to the the aforementioned movies that I have watched over and over again, mainly the overall plot was not that fresh – you kind of guess what’s about to happen the whole way through. It also lacked the witty adult humor I personally love, and yes, I know its a kids movie … but still.  The Berkins are really offensive and hideous, my youngest was actually quite put off at one stage, asking when we could go home. The whole movie was basically saved by the last song and dance clip.

My overall rating would be a generous 4/5.

Favorite character: Branch (Justin Timberlake – voice of an angel!), I just can’t do too much happy, even if it’s delivered by Anna.

Favorite song: Can’t Stop The Feeling (obviously), but also True Colors which is hauntingly beautiful. I dare you not to buy the theme song after watching the movie.

Favorite unexpected voice: Kunal Nayaar (Raj from Big Bang Theory)

Dreamworks Trolls official trailer

I’m pretty sure though that the stores are about to be inundated with a huge variety of merchandise that the kids will beg Santa for. I’m quite relieved, as much as I love Anna and Elsa, Sophia, and Doc McStuffins, I’m glad to have an alternative.

Credit: All pictures, links etc come from the DreamWorks Trolls website.