Change comes around often in the early years of parenting. You go from being pregnant to being responsible for an entire human in one dramatic instant. You embrace the change, you adjust, you learn. And you keep going.

The you you go from one, to two, to three [kids]. Each time it’s a new change, an adjustment, learning curve. You never stop trying. 

Your children change too. They go from being 100% dependent on you, to fighting you for their independence, to actually believing they don’t need you at all.

Acceptance of Change

The hardest part is to accept that change.

the secret of change

Some people are good with change, others … not so much.

Change needs to be viewed with an open mind and courage, lots of courage. Courage to take that first step, accept it, roll with it, and to actually turn that page …

turn the page

On the other side of that leap of courage and faith, comes the nirvana.

If you are strong enough to put the past where it belongs (behind you), and focus your attention on making the new reality your priority, then you will look for the good, you will seek it out and every positive moment will feed your self-confidence.

Be Positive

Positivity is key when you are embarking on a new phase of your life, a new chapter.

One day or day one

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