I have decided to do a post each week featuring my Top 5 photos on Instagram from that week. So here goes:

No. 5 is this quote that my husband sent me. I loved it and was quite proud that he sent it to me so posted it on a whim. I think it’s lovely.


In at No. 4 is this photo I took of a rose. I was testing out my iphone features are some tips I read this week from the lovely Patricia of White Camellias – you can check out her Instagram account here.


No 3: My girls had a ‘colour day’ at school on Friday. All the children were tasked with bring a certain item of food or drink in the nominated colour of green. Thank goodness they both got cupcakes. I knew that the quality of the cupcake wouldn’t matter to the kids as they’d all be completely sugared up anyway and would most likely just lick the icing off the cake and then move on to the next item in front of them. And … I’m lazy. So I went and bought the cheapest un-iced cakes I could find and let the girls loose with some green icing.


No. 4 is from #WineWednesday couldn’t have come a moment too soon this week. I did a selfie of me enjoying my first sip!


No. 5 was also for #WineWednesday I did this little quote and it was my most liked photo this week. Either I nailed the hashtags or my followers and I are on the same wave length! lol


I’m definitely paying more attention to my hashtags now and it is paying off in terms of getting my photos seen and in turn more followers.

Have a good weekend people.

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