When was the last time you consciously did your own car maintenance check including to check your tyres? Does your driving seem to have lost some of its fun of late? Do long drives leave you headachy and tensed? Have you noticed that driving seems very noisy and no longer the relaxing pastime it used to be? Or do you tell yourself that you are just imagining it? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then rest assured – the problem is real and it may well lie in your tyres, especially if these factors are recent, or, at least, dating from when you last changed your tyres.

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Budget Blues

If you opted for the cheapest possible tyres the last time you needed a new set, perhaps telling yourself that it would not make all that much difference, the changes you have noted in your driving are possibly accounted for. Budget tyres are fine as a cheap set of tyres, for short occasional commutes and for those who really cannot afford anything else: but they are cheap for a reason.

Budget tyres tend to be made from cheaper rubber, which does not have the same flexibility as premium tyres, and they are often made using older technologies and so do not take advantage of the latest developments in tyre engineering, which can enhance the longevity of the tyre, the comfort of the drive and improve the overall experience of driving.

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Check Your Tyres Are Right for The Season

Check your tyres and see if you still have your winter tyres in place. While these tyres are brilliant when the ambient temperature is below 7°C, or when the roads are iced up, muddy or covered with snow; they do not work quite as well in dry conditions above that temperature. Winter tyres are designed to grip the road surface more tightly – which is ideal when the road surface is slick, but not so good when the road offers enough ‘bite’ for tyres to enjoy good traction.

What happens with winter tyres on a warm dry road is that the tyres hug the road tightly, causing more friction than is needed and creating unwanted noise, and making the act of driving feel more onerous than it should – almost as though you are urging the vehicle along like a recalcitrant pony! If your summer tyres need replacing, Headley Basingstoke Tyres Autocentre is offering great deals on summer tyres. Go check your tyres and get your pick today!

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Make Sure the Problem Is the Tyres Though!

However, there are some other conditions that can cause excess friction and noise when driving and these should be ruled out promptly as the issues can be a sign of an imminent catastrophic failure – not something that you want happening at any time, but especially not at speed on a busy motorway.

These issues can include your suspension –

  • if the noise and friction are accompanied by odd bouncing or dipping, this is the most likely cause.
  • If you smell burning rubber and the extra noise is more like a scraping or squeaking noise, then the issues may well lie with your brakes or the alignment of the tyres.
  • If your brakes are set too tightly, they will engage with the tyres all the time, not just when you depress the brake pedal.
  • Driving will be uncomfortable, as though you are trying to drive through sticky mud, and the steering wheel might try to pull out of your hands or jerk from side to side as the tyres ‘wobble’ on the axles.

While a faulty suspension will need the detailed attention of a mechanic, your tyres can be properly aligned in a few minutes, so be sure to check with your service station before you decide to ignore the problem.

Checking your car tyres regularly is the first step to ensuring that you are able to drive safely and avoid accidents. The tyres on your car are essential for the safe operation of your vehicle so make sure you check them regularly.