Your family car is a vehicle that is designed to transport a whole family. It can be a sedan, station wagon, SUV, crossover or hatchback. Whatever the size, make or model of your family car, safety and practicality are probably the most important aspects you considered when choosing the car. Part of that safety relates directly to the tyres of your family car, and if you’re looking for premium tyres for your family car, then this post is designed to give you all the information you need when considering premium tyres.

Premium Tyres For Your Family Car

Premium tyres offer greater longevity and, therefore, often constitute better value for money than budget ones over their lifespan. This is the case whether you drive an electric vehicle, a hybrid, a petrol-powered car or a diesel. However, the rise in battery-powered cars has meant more and more people are looking into the benefits of premium tyres more widely. Why is this?

gray Mazda SUV family car

Substantial reinforcements

One of the primary reasons that premium tyres last longer than low-cost ones is the fact that they are better reinforced during the manufacturing process. This is useful when your tyres are exposed to lateral forces while cornering, for example, but it also helps to prevent wear when braking. Reinforcements also ensure your tyres can carry the extra weight of an electric vehicle. Battery packs may be distributed evenly throughout the chassis of an electric vehicle today, but the weight of them puts extra pressure on tyres, something that premium brands are better placed to cope with.

Low rolling resistance

Another key aspect of the design of premium brand tyres is that they offer better rolling resistance. Essentially, you want this to be as low as possible to preserve the life of your car’s batteries or – in the case of fossil fuel engines – to minimise fuel consumption. In order to get the best out of your premium tyres, however, you must ensure they are pumped up to the recommended pressure.

Low noise rating

Cars are noisy, especially when they are travelling at speed over older sections of the tarmac. This is annoying for the driver, the passenger and people who live nearby. Helpfully, premium tyres offer lower noise ratings. This means they’re quieter to drive on. Given how much quieter electric vehicles are nowadays, less noise from tyres makes them even better at keeping unwanted noise to a minimum. This is especially so in built-up urban environments where everyone will benefit from less noise pollution.

Precise handling and grip

Finally, whatever sort of car you drive, it is the ability of premium tyres to offer optimal grip and handling that makes them so popular. The reason that premium tyres can do this is often down to the way their tread has been designed to complement the premium rubber compounds used in their production. Importantly, being able to maintain traction with premium tyres should be something that drivers notice whether it is wet or dry when they’re out and about.

premium tyres for your family car

There are many things that you need to consider when buying a car tyre. The size, the tread pattern, the brand and the price. But there is one other thing that you need to think about – how long will it last? When you buy a premium tyre for your family car, you are buying quality and safety for your loved ones.

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