In this article, we’re going to provide 5 tips for coping if your child is in trouble with the police.

It’s an understatement that we all want the best for our children, but sometimes children do go down a path we’d rather they didn’t, end up in the wrong crowd and even catch the police’s attention. If your child has been arrested in the north of England, it is possible to seek criminal defence support in Leeds or the surrounding areas.

This is particularly needed when your child is asked to attend a voluntary interview. Having a solicitor in place to help your child means you can focus on yours and your child’s wellbeing and how you will cope with the situation. 

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Once the solicitor is appointed, it’s time for you to come to terms with this development. So, to understand how you should act when such a situation occurs, we’ve created an article with five tips for coping if your child is in custody. Keep reading to learn more… 

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How Should You Cope if Your Child is in Trouble with the Police? 

1. Seek Advice from An Expert Solicitor 

If your child is in trouble with the police and is potentially in serious trouble, which could lead to an investigation and, if charged, has to go to court, you need to pull yourself together and think as if you were in their shoes. It’s extremely important that your child understands not to talk before seeking professional legal guidance first. They need a solicitor who knows what they are doing to provide the advice and support needed. 

2. Remain Calm

One of the foremost tips we can provide any parent whose child has crossed the line and ended up in trouble with the police is to remain calm. 

We understand that receiving a phone call telling you that your child has been arrested most likely makes you feel sick to your stomach. Your thoughts are always going to be that you’re furious, what did they do to land in such a position, and more. But, you need to remember your child is probably scared, anxious and often regretful.

We all make mistakes, and not all of us were angels as children. The thought of dabbling in stuff we know we shouldn’t make us all curious. So, try and keep this in mind before flying off the handle.

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Truthfully, the vast majority of the population has not been arrested and questioned in concern of a crime. Due to this, many people are not equipped with the ins and outs of their legal rights, especially children. 

The GOV.UK website provides important information regarding young people and the law. 

4. Advise Your Child to Be Honest 

Sometimes, children can be involved in crimes without being the actual perpetrator. It could be that they were there when it happened, or they did one action that helped initiate the offence. Realistically, telling the truth is always a good way to approach situations such as this.

However, the child should only do so with a solicitor present, and should always follow their advice before anyone elses. It’s paramount that the solicitor helping their case understands all the facts, as it provides them with the ability to advise accordingly (see below for more).

5. Don’t Play Lawyer 

When your child has been arrested and is being interviewed by the police, you may not be aware of the questions that they have asked. So, as a parent, you ultimately want to understand what has happened and how you can help your child.

Sometimes, what you think is best for your child isn’t necessarily the correct thing. Being in trouble with the law is a serious matter, and your child will need a professional solicitor so that they have the advice and guidance needed to be effective and prevent court and a conviction.

In the tip above, we did advise you to recommend your child, to be honest about what has happened, but sometimes this can actually be damaging and allow the police to have incriminating evidence. It is incredibly important for your child to be completely honest with their solicitor, by doing this it allows them to understand your situation and come up with an appropriate idea of how the case should be approached. 

What Are the Benefits of Having a Solicitor? 

As explained in tip number one, the first action you should take once you are aware that your child is in trouble with the police is seeking a solicitor who can support them. There are many benefits of having a solicitor, for example: 

  • It is free: everyone has the right to legal support no matter the type of allegation. The police cannot refuse you legal advice if you request it. 
  • You will be made aware of further details in concern to the allegation: solicitors have an advantage over an unrepresented individual where they are able to probe the police prior to the questioning.

FOI requests conducted by Dr Kemp found that only 56 percent of suspects have requested legal advice, which leaves 44 percent without legal protection and vulnerable to further investigations.

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Children Will Be Children 

What we can conclude from this article is that mistakes do happen, and more often than not, it is children who make them. Curiosity sometimes gets the best of us, but ultimately that can cause serious consequences, such as being in trouble with the law. 

Are you a parent of a child who has been in trouble with the law? If so, how did you cope and support them? Leave a comment below.

Please be advised that this article is for general informational purposes only, and should not be used as a substitute for advice from a trained legal professional. Be sure to consult a legal professional if your child is in trouble with the police or law. We are not liable for risks or issues associated with using or acting upon the information on this site.