You know that feeling when you’re playing with your kids, and they are laughing? It’s the best feeling in the world. As a parent, you always try to plan plenty of activities that make them happy and make them laugh, to create lasting memories with your children that they can look back on for years to come. 

You’ll never regret trying those things because it means more than just spending quality time together – it means creating memories that will last forever!

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Get Competitive And Have Fun

The world is full of fun family games and events: races, sports games, monopoly marathons or chess tournaments. If your kids are into any of these things, then it can be a great way to make memories together while also competing in the process. Why not look into teaching your kids the old school games we played as kids!

Playing competitive games within the safe environment of a family can give children the confidence to compete when they are in other situations in their lives too, especially for children who are not naturally competitive. Every child needs to have some competitiveness in their lives to prepare them for life in the future.

Once you’ve settled on what family competition will work best, mark them down in the family diary as family outings, so everyone knows about them ahead of time. As kids get older, everyone’s lives become really busy but setting a date to have a family competition, or family games day is something that everyone will love and accept that the time is precious to them.

Be sure to plan your activities, so they’re not always on the same date or time; this will help you be more spontaneous and less likely to miss a competition that comes up at short notice. Not only is it fun to compete against each other, but you will also be able to make memories of being competitive and having a good time with your kid.

create lasting memories with your children

Take Pictures and Film a Movie

You’ll want to document those fun and precious moments with your kids. One way is to take pictures and put them up in your house. You can choose the best frames from Best4Frames; they have a variety of brilliant options. 

Another idea is to make a film! Creating memories through video can be lasting. Start at home filming them doing their daily routines like getting ready for school or just playing in the backyard before going on adventures together. 

Then, create an end-of-the-day ritual where you show each other what one of them has filmed throughout the day so that they will get used to making films themselves too; this could even include letting them record sound during these videos as well if they are old enough.

If you’re not interested in creating a movie featuring life inside your house, then choose new challenges outside of it: go to the beach or go on a hike; they’ll be able to document your adventures together.

Go On Family Holidays

Go on family holidays with your children; this is a great way to get them out of their comfort zone and try something new. Consider taking more adventurous trips than the usual theme park vacation, such as going camping or hiking in the wilderness together, or explore different cities with kids, make the most of the cultural activities like museums.

There’s so much for you to experience outside of city life! Be sure to make memories by documenting these adventures through photography and filmmaking – it’ll be nothing but fun moments captured forever when you look back on it later.


Try New Things With Them

Could you give them a choice of two things to do? Then have fun doing both! Remember, they might not enjoy the same activities that you would. Give them their own choices, and even if it doesn’t seem like an enjoyable task at first, most kids end up having fun anyway when given options. 

Start by picking one activity as your main event for the day or week (for instance: going to see a movie), then ask them what other ideas they had before agreeing on anything else with which to fill in your time together.” 

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Make The Best Of Every Situation

You want to make sure that you take time with your kids and that you create lasting memories with your children. Doing new things like going on vacation or trying something new together will be memorable for both of you! That is why it’s crucial to create a family tradition, even if it doesn’t last forever.