When you are planning a family day out to York with kids, visiting the National Railway Museum in York is a must. The kids will love it, the grandparents will love it, the dads will love it, and yes, even mummy will love it. It really does have something for everyone. I can remember going there many years ago when my bonus daughter was only about 4 or 5 years old. After visiting the Thackray Medical Museum I knew my girls would enjoy visiting the National Railway Museum.

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The National Railway Museum York

What is there to see and do?

Trains, trains and more train. Old trains, royal trains, foreign trains and modern trains, miniature train rides, trips back in time, antiques, modern technology and interactive learning experiences for kids. Also, did I mention that entry to this awesome museum is FREE? Yes! It is.

Free is fine, but they do accept a donation for enjoying their vast and educational experience.

Trains at the National Railway Museum

Royal Trains and the history of Immigration

As immigrants ourselves, I think this part of the exhibit really interested not just me but the girls too. The displays and recreations showed exactly how much people were allowed to pack, and how loooooong it took people to move to Australia from the U.K. by train! These days that’s something you do if you have time and money and choose to do it. It’s no longer the most cost-effective or timely way to immigrate.

It’s in this same section that you get to see a few of the Royal carriages, and the way the ‘elite’, Royals, and posh people travelled by train. Part of me was a bit disturbed by the idea of an actual full size, enamel bath, basin and toilet on a train. The other part of me was extremely envious of the luxurious full-size bed, lounge and proper dining table and chairs.

How the Kids enjoyed the National Railway Museum in York.

Not only is the National Railway Museum fun, but it’s great for educating kids too. They have loads of interactive learning exhibits where the girls really enjoyed reading, listening and watching information about the various aspects of train life. They also had certain exhibits where you can actually go inside the trains, old and new, and see what it is really like. Trains like the Eurostar train, the bullet train and even medical trains from the two world wars that give an insight into how they transported injured soldiers.

One that I was particularly impressed by was the exhibit showing the actual size of the Eurotunnel.

Eurotunnel at the National Railway Museum

The Miniture Railway Experience is Great Fun For Children

The miniature railway experience at the national railway museum was a highlight for the girls. They really enjoyed their ride on the mini-train which takes you on a short journey through the grounds of the National Railway Museum.

It costs £3.00 per person but under 2s can go Free.

Miniature Railway at the National Railway Museum in York

The Road Train From The National Railway Museum To York Minster

They also have a Road Train that ferries visitors into town (the York Minster) and back to the Railway Museum. The cost of this is £2 for children and £3 for adults (each way). You can purchase these directly from the road train guard on duty that day. Please do check their website in advance though.

The NRM Outdoor play area and Picnic Area

We visited in August and the weather was fab. The girls got to play on the outdoor play area, which is located right next to the miniature railway ticket office. There is also a number of outdoor picnic benches so people can enjoy their pre-packed or bought snacks in the fresh air.

Outdoor play area at the Railway Museum in York

Plan Your Visit to The National Railway Museum In York

Getting there

Address: National Railway Museum, Leeman Road, York, YO26 4XJ.

If you are visiting York by train there is a direct and well-signposted walkway directly from the train station.

Alternatively, there is a large car park right outside. Parking fees will apply.

How much does it cost?

Entry is FREE, did I mention that? They do ask for a voluntary donation and all funds go to the upkeep of the museum. You do need to pay for a few of the experiences such as the miniature train ride and the road train.


  • They have excellent access for disabled people and those with additional needs. I’d recommend contacting them in advance to check anything specific.
  • They have a number of different restaurants and coffee stations to fuel you whilst you enjoy your visit to the National Railway Museum.
  • Gift Shop
  • Outdoor play area and picnic area.
  • Miniature Train
  • Road Train
  • Exhibits
  • Research and Archive facility
  • Seasonal exhibits
  • History and interesting artefacts.
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Why you should visit the National Railway Museum

Not only is the NRM a great day out for a family, whatever the weather, but it’s a great educational and learning day out. It has something for everyone, it’s interactive and it’s extremely vast so the kids will get to burn off their excess energy too. They are part of the Science Museum Group. Please do check out the National Railway Museum website and follow them on Social Media (links below).

Did I mention it’s a fab Instagram location too ..


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A Family Visit to the National Railway Museum In York

This is not a sponsored post. We visited the National Railway Museum In York of our own accord and just really enjoyed the day there.