A few highlights & thoughts from the last few days. 

I hate dentists. I had a root canal yesterday and have decided that they (dentists) should be renamed Tooth Engineers – all the equipment and methods they use is the same as civil engineers do just in miniature: drills, grinding, rods, braces, flushing, paving, heating, drying, etc It’s basically pothole repairing, but it hurts! Still to come – wisdom tooth extraction. 

That said, I then took the girls to their first ever dentist appointment today. All good there. The most amazing specialized kids dental practice totally kid friendly, decorated and themed! Blew me away. Hopefully they will only have good memories of dentists, not like me! 

Eldest has now lost 3 teeth in 2 weeks. This tooth fairy needs a loan! 

I took them to a lovely bird park this afternoon. They loved it. Peacocks, ducks, emus, Ostriches, macaws, owls, pelicans, kookaburras, parrots, giant pelicans, swans, then topped it off with ice-cream. You’d never guess it was in the center of Joburg! Great place. 

Best parenting moment of my day: 

Youngest: mommy I have a scratch.

Eldest: yes, but did you die? 

I think I might have to soften my ‘tough love’ approach to parenting! Lol ? 

Oh, and maybe I need glasses. See the featured image.