Do you ever find that what you say to your kids, and what they hear, are NOT the same thing! Like, ever! Well today I learnt a bit lesson.


What I said …

This morning in my house went something like this:

“Please girls, mummy has to be somewhere early this morning. Can we hurry up a little bit?” 

What they heard …

Please girls, mummy has go and do something exciting without you today so here is what I need you to do to ensure I can achieve that!

Getting Dressed

Make sure that when you are getting dressed you try on, and then discard everything you own, and then leave it lying around the house for me to pick up. You must also have numerous meltdowns during the ‘getting dressed’ process because I have all the patience in the world today!

It is also vitally important that you DON’T wear shoes today. In fact, never wear shoes again. Ever!


Please make sure that today you reject the breakfast you request every single day of your lives!

Brushing Hair

Also, remember to have a huge slapping fight about who will get their hair done first. Make me do the most complicated time consuming hairstyle known to any harassed mother. And then pull it out of the previously requested hair-style, and wear your hair down! Only do this just as we are getting in the car.

Getting To School

Don’t worry about taking your school bags to the car darlings, I’d love to go back into the house to collect them … and your shoes.

Whilst I am back inside the house, please have another slapping fight in the car so that at least one of you cries the whole way to school, if not both. Then when we get to school, make sure that you want me to personally deliver you to the classroom door whilst still crying and clinging to my leg. Even though most days you bolt from the school gate in your haste to be free of me.

If you can please do all of that, it would really help mommy out today. Thanks my beautiful angels.

This Is My Life!

Such is my life every single time I have to be somewhere early that requires just a little bit of cooperation from them. I guess it’s my own fault. I should know better by now. Next time I won’t say a word.


How was your morning?