Plumbing maintenance is crucial for any homeowner. Identifying issues early can be invaluable for finding an effective solution and preventing issues from worsening. It is also critical to understand the unique issues faced by your own plumbing system and the wider implications of being on a London plumbing network.

Many homes in London have older plumbing systems, meaning they can be more prone to issues and require more regular and diligent upkeep and monitoring. It is crucial to understand what you should be looking for and when to call in a plumber.

Know What Not To Flush

Flushing the wrong things down the toilet is one of the leading causes of blocked pipes and other potentially serious plumbing issues. Not only can flushing the wrong things cause plumbing issues, but it can also cause environmental damage and contribute to bigger blockages in the wider plumbing system. Things that you should never flush down the toilet include wet wipes, sanitary products, hair or fur, chewing gum and much more.

Keep Outer Pipes Insulated

During the winter months, protecting your pipes from freezing is crucial. Frozen pipes can cause all kinds of issues in the wider plumbing system. Burst pipes are the most common issue in freezing conditions, which can impact your boiler. All you need is some insulating material and tape to attach it to your boiler. An old towel or black bin bag can be a good makeshift option, though it is best to use proper insulation if the weather is set to dip below freezing.

Have A Quality Plumber On Speed Dial

If you’re concerned about your plumbing system, it is crucial that you know who to get in touch with for help. Plumbing repairs and diagnostics should always be done by a professional plumber with experience in the field. It is a good idea to research plumbers in your local area as soon as you move in so that you will have someone to call in an emergency. MyBuilder has an excellent tool to help you search for quality plumbers in your area, complete with reviews from satisfied clients.

Listen Out For Problem Noises

When there are issues with your plumbing system, you will often hear noises that can indicate a problem. These can include a gurgling, tapping or groaning sound from pipes throughout the house. If you hear any new or unusual sounds coming after using the water in your home, ensure you get them checked out as soon as possible.

Watch Out For Leaks

Early detection of leaks is crucial to prevent serious damage to your home and belongings. Leaks can often begin very small before increasing in severity until you have a big plumbing issue on your hands, such as a flood. It is a good idea to check over all the pipes on a regular basis so that you can identify any possible issues before they can progress. You can use a piece of tissue or kitchen roll to identify any particularly small leaks that may be present.

Final Thoughts on Your Plumbing Maintenance

Keeping a close eye on your plumbing system is crucial to ensure any issues are caught early. Having a local London plumber to call upon if you need any help with your plumbing is vital to give you peace of mind. Make sure to check your pipes and plumbing regularly and listen out for signs that something might not be right.