If there is one thing we could do more of, it’s spending time with our families. With many of us leading hectic schedules thanks to work, finding the time with your loved ones can be tricky. When you’ve got annual leave, rather than booking your flights somewhere hot, why not go on a family campervan trip through Europe instead? You can make wonderful memories as a family that are sure to last a lifetime.

To sway you in the right direction, here are some brilliant reasons why you should take your nearest and dearest on a European campervan trip.

A Step Up from Camping

Going on a camping trip can be great when the weather is good. However, we all know how unpredictable the British weather can be. When it’s wet and cold, the last thing you want is to be stuck inside a tent! With a campervan, you will be far more comfortable and cosier. There’s no need to pitch a tent either. Simply drive to your chosen destination, pull on the handbrake, switch the engine off and you are ready to kick back, relax, and spend some quality time with your loved ones. Before you head out, make sure you’ve got campervan insurance sorted. Motorhome Protect can help you with this. Their cover can include foreign use too, meaning it’s perfect for your European adventure.

family campervan trip through Europe

Freedom to Travel

The great thing about a campervan is you can travel to wherever you want! If Europe is on the cards, there aren’t any schedules or programs to follow. Instead, you can map out your destinations and what you think will be perfect for you and your family. Just make sure you know the rules of the road, take regular breaks and ensure there’s enough petrol in the tank. It’s wise to have a loose itinerary in place so you have some kind of structure for your campervan holiday. 


When planning a family holiday, there are all kinds of costs involved. Whether it’s flights, accommodation, or food and drink, everything can quickly add up and become a real eyesore. With your campervan, you will have all your bedding and cooking arrangements sorted up-front. This can prove incredibly cost-effective. One of the best ways to lower the cost per person is to pick a campervan with a pop-up roof. You will save money by cooking your own food. What’s more, there won’t be any compromise on how much enjoyment you get out of your trip. This means you can spend barely anything and still return home with fantastic memories.

Up Close with Nature

There’s nothing that comes close to getting in a campervan, going on an exciting European adventure, and being up close with nature. Whether you’re at a quiet roadside, in a forest, or close to the beach, you and your loved ones can venture to plenty of rural areas across Europe. Make sure you pack some camping chairs so you can sit outdoors and enjoy the scenery. There are tons of health benefits to being in touch with nature too, such as reducing stress levels. 

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You Can Bring Your Pets

Many of us regard our dogs as part of the family. If you share the same sentiment, it’s only natural you’ll want to bring them with you on your trip rather than sending them off to the kennels. The wonderful thing about owning a campervan is you can bring your furry friend along for the ride. Wherever you head to in Europe, knowing you’ve got your best buddy on the journey can be a real comfort for you and your loved ones. Just make sure to stock up on lots of dog food and water to keep them hydrated. Don’t forget to bring lots of toys and treats too!

Great Combination of Indoor and Outdoor

You will quickly discover what we mean by this the first moment you park your campervan in a beautiful, scenic location. The attraction of sitting inside nice and warm while looking out of an open side door is amazing. Of course, there’ll be times when you’re more than happy to sit outdoors. But, when the temperatures drop and get a little chilly, you may want to snuggle up inside with the windows and doors shut. A family campervan trip through Europe is the perfect way to spend time indoors and outdoors with your family. Be it crossing the Italian alps, or wandering the streets of Bruges.

Learn About Different Cultures

If you’ve got young children, there’s nothing that will broaden their horizons more than going on a European campervan trip. As you move from country to country, use this as an opportunity for them to learn some common phrases. Learning a new language can come in handy later down the line too. As you engage with the locals and get a real insight into their way of life, your kids will return to school with an open mind and lots of exciting stories to tell!

Plenty of Exciting Attractions

Europe is a vast place. There are dozens of countries and hundreds of cities to check out. And as you can imagine, there are lots of exciting attractions to visit! Wherever you head, there are bound to be amusement parks, art galleries, museums, and a whole lot more to feast your eyes on. The possibilities are endless as you have the freedom and flexibility to roam around in your campervan.

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Fantastic Bonding Experience

From the moment you step foot in your campervan and whisk off across to Europe, you’ll have so much time to spend with your loved ones. Knowing you’ve got no distractions can reduce stress if you’re always working and going on a business trip. As you roam around Europe, you can spend some much-needed quality time with your partner and kids. 

If you’ve got a campervan that’s lying dormant, why not get it in order, get packed, and set off on a magical European adventure? Getting the opportunity to spend time with your family can only be a good thing. Whether you stick to one country or travel across many, you and your loved ones are sure to have the time of your lives.