If you’ve been a road user for a while, the novelty of driving may have worn off slightly. It’s thrilling to have your independence with driving, but nobody appreciates quite how special that is more than new drivers. 

Moreover, being a newly qualified driver today is something of a rarity. After all, many learners must wait until 2023 to take their tests due to an enormous backlog. Therefore, being a new driver today is a cause for celebration. Gifts are the go-to solution for commemorating a new road user in your life. But which offerings might be the most appreciated and thoughtful? You’ll find some great gift ideas for a first time driver here. 

Personal or Private Plates for New Drivers

First-time drivers feel a stronger connection to their cars. After all, everyone remembers their first car!
Consequently, you could try to play into that expectation and embolden those feelings further with a private plate. These additions can feature important initials, names, dates, or even allude to in-jokes. Try to pick something that is classy and meaningful, and the new driver in your life will feel an even stronger affinity with their vehicle. 

You can buy these offerings securely online from a government-registered supplier. That way, you can ensure everything is above board. Regtransfers are the leading supplier of private plates that are open 12 hours a day, seven days a week, with their lines always open to answer any enquiries you might have. They provide a lot of information and walk you through finding and purchasing your perfect registration, so consult them for the most direct way of doing this. 

gift ideas for a first time driver

A New Driver’s Handbook

Passing a driving test is a remarkable achievement. However, the learning shouldn’t stop there for new learners. 

Every road user must maintain respect for the road and fellow road users. Unfortunately, some drivers start to take liberties, getting increasingly comfortable behind the wheel until they become overly confident in their abilities. While the new driver in your life should be excited, they should understand how serious driving is and ensure they are following the law.

A well-written driving handbook can be a thoughtful gift idea for the first time driver in your life, it can help to maintain their sense of perspective as a road user. They can ensure they constantly adhere to the basic principles of driving. Driving demands a lot of attention, and lessons can be forgotten. You’d be looking out for the new driver in your life with this gift, and they’d know it too! 

Essential Vehicle Equipment 

Driving is an enjoyable pastime. It’s also a practical and involved process where emergency responses might be required. Jumper cables, first aid kits, phone chargers, and natural air purifying bags could be useful. GPS trackers and dashcams may also give the new driver in your life some additional assurances regarding their safety on the road. 

Remember, even the most experienced drivers can encounter unexpected difficulties on the road, and it’s not always their fault that they do. Though they’ve recently passed their test, the new driver in your life is likely to be somewhat apprehensive. Making sure they’re suitably equipped for their travels may bring them comfort. 

If you like these gift ideas for new drivers, then please drop a comment below to let me know which is your favourite or if there’s another suggestion I may have missed.