AD: If you’re going to visit Blackpool then you need to take a few hours out of your day to spend at Coral Island. A visit to Coral Island Blackpool is the perfect place to spend some time when the weather isn’t great, the kids are in need of some bright flashing lights and to blow their pennies in the pursuit of fun!

Family of Five Visit Coral Island Blackpool

We were invited to review Coral Island in Blackpool as a family of 5. It’s not always easy to please everyone when we go out for a day. Our family of 5 is made up of two little girls aged 5 and 7, a 15 year old teenager, and my husband and I. Sometimes when the two younger girls are enjoying themselves the teenager isn’t. Or when mum and dad are enjoying eating up the road trip miles, the girls aren’t. But our visit to Coral Island surprised us all and we all had an awesome time. There really is something for everyone.

We set off from sunny Yorkshire bright and early at around 09.00am. It was a gorgeous sunny day. On arrival in Blackpool it was drizzling and a bit windy, but we weren’t too worried because we knew we’d be inside Coral Island. On arrival we were welcomed by the manager, who gave the girls their VIP Coral Island goody bags! There were ecstatic. Here’s them wearing their ‘merch’ … too cool for school! Dab!

The Pirate Flyer

Once we got our bearings we headed straight for the first ride of the day – The Pirate Flyer. This is a monorail ride above the arcade area and you get a great view of all the different games and rides that are available. As well as the Pirate Flyer taking you over the arcade, it also takes you through a ‘scary’ cave with hidden pirate treasure. It is most definitely NOT scary. The girls loved all the lights and noises. It set the tone for the rest of the day. Relax! And have fun!

The Arcade Games at Coral Island are Excellent!

From there we went down to the arcade floor and set about lightening our pockets. I love the sheer variety of games available, from the classic 2p and 10p coin machines and air hockey games, to the more modern motorbike rides and even Virtual Reality games.

Prize Bingo

And let it be said that mommy is very lucky! I actually won a car once – true story! This time however, I won big on the prize bingo! I won on 4 of the 5 games that we all played as a family. If you want to make your kids annoyed and frustrated, be the one to win … not them! lol

Camel Derby

My personal favourite of the day was the Camel Derby. I’d never played the game before and it took me a whole round to realise that every ball I sunk moved my camel on further – obviously the first camel to reach the finish line wins. Duh!

This was another game that was great to play as well all got to play against each other at the same time. Between the 5 of us we won three prizes over five games. Not too shabby.

And what would a day at Blackpool be without relaxing in a giant deckchair, awkwardly trying to hide your chins. What this picture doesn’t show is just how awkward it was to get in, and then to get out! Thank goodness for my bonus daughter who gave me a hand whilst my husband stood by and laughed. Oh, and Captain Jack … Sparrow, of course!

The Ghost Train


The other big ride we went on at Coral Island was the Ghost Train. The manager had told us that she doesn’t go on it as it’s too scary. My children took this as a challenge. Obviously. Each train car only takes two people at a time so my husband went with the youngest, and the two other girls went together. I went on my own. It was super scary.


The funny thing is though, that when my train car rolled out of the tunnel I was met by our youngest clinging to my husband and ‘not crying’. I repeat, NOT crying, because it was NOT scary. Okay!


Kids Eat Free at Coral Island

Coral Island has a number of different restaurants on site. We were provided with a family meal at the fish & chip restaurant which was absolutely perfect. Whilst the kids were hungry and did need time to refuel, they weren’t keen on taking a long leisurely relaxing lunch. No way! They wanted a quick bite to eat and a cold drink, and to get back to the games. Which suited us fine.

The great thing about Coral Island is that all kids eat free for every full paying adult meal purchased at all the onsite family restaurants. That’s a good deal if you ask me. And the fish and chips was really really good.

Final Review

We had a really great day out as a family during our visit to Coral Island Blackpool. Thank you for inviting us to review your entertainment venue. It’s attention to family fun and affordable day out is pitched exactly right. Here are 5 fun things to do in Blackpool as a family, and we can’t wait to go back.

Disclaimer: We were provided with goodie bags, a VIP card and money to spend in the arcade, as well as lunch at the fish & chip restaurant in return for our honest review of Coral Island Blackpool. All thoughts and opinions are my own.