AD: The girls were sent the latest collectible sensation by Learning Resources UK, the Playfoam Pals Fantasy Friends. I’m not exaggerating, my eldest played with them for about 3 hours. Straight. I know this because she was playing with it the entire time that I was doing the ironing. Yes, my rock-n-roll lifestyle people – laundry!

What is Playfoam?

The playfoam itself is made up of what feels like tiny little kaylite balls that are held together by a sticky substance. Whatever the sticky substance is though, it does not transfer to your house, skin, pets or clothing. As we all know, slime tends to stick to everything, This product doesn’t do that. It sticks to itself but it doesn’t stick to your floor or clothing either. So basically it’s a yes from me! Mess free for the yes!

Playfoam is a squishy squashy sensory delight for your kids. They can mould it, make shapes from it, or just spend some time squashing it in their hands.


We were sent the pack of 8 different colours but there is a large variety of different variations of playfoam packs that you can buy. Below are a few of the different products as available on Amazon.

Here is the 8 pack that we were sent. This retails for around £9.00.

Playfoam Pals Fantasy Friends – Season 4.

As with most toy products, the people at Learning Resources have created collectible toys that are hidden inside individually packed Playfoam bubbles. We were sent two sets of two-pack playfoam pals fantasy friends, the latest in the series. Check out the video below for how they got on:

I’m not joking when I say that my 7 year old daughter spent hours playing with all the different playfoam colours. My 5 year old also enjoyed playing with them, she really did, she just doesn’t have the same level of concentration as her older sister. They even carried on playing with it when they came back from school so I think this is definitely a toy or product that I would buy myself. It would also make a great gift.

Here are a few pictures of what they made with their playfoam.

What Are The Benefits of Sensory Play?

Sensory Play is when children play with things that stimulate their senses: touch, taste, smell, sight, sound, movement and balance.

Here are the top 5 benefits of sensory play for children:

  1. It helps to improve their fine motor skills.
  2. It encourages them to be creative.
  3. Sensory play can be hugely beneficial in calming anxious children.
  4. It helps children to learn how to attribute different senses to different attributes.
  5. Sensory play can help to improve the child’s brain function by stimulating the different senses.

Competition Time:

To WIN a two-pack set of Playfoam Pals Fantasy Friends, Season 4 check out the competition running on my Facebook page.

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Disclaimer: We were gifted the Playfoam in return for an honest review.