I often lie in bed on a Sunday night and think of all the things I need to do or accomplish in the coming week. The top of last night’s list’ was to focus on the course I am trying to do. It’s the TESOL course … Teaching English as a Second or Other Language. I was recently invited to consider applying for a teaching job teaching English at a local Secondary school where primarily the students all speak Afrikaans.

Monday Morning

Unfortunately, when they realised that I don’t have a degree, they apologetically made it clear that without a degree I can’t become an employed teacher of the school. Fair enough, I get that. What surprised me though was how disappointed I was at not being able to pursue the opportunity, and by how excited I had been about the possibility of teaching.

Personally, I don’t think I’m cut out to be a teacher, I can barely tolerate my own kids, but I really struggle with other people’s kids. I guess in the past I have always thought that to be a teacher you have to teach little kids, but when I considered that I can possibly teach teenagers or even adults, where I won’t have to literally wipe anyone’s nose or bum, or deal with breaking up a physical fight over a spade in a sandpit, it’s like a seed was planted.

So having heard about this course that a friend of mine did a few years ago, and after looking into it online I thought I would give it a go, and that maybe if I enjoyed it, I could finally consider actually registering to study and get a degree.

But … I am really struggling to focus. I am constantly getting distracted and find myself making excuses as to other things that are more important. It’s making me feel guilty and it’s making me almost panic that I’m not cut out for this. I haven’t actually studied anything properly for about 16 years, bar a Copy-editing and Proofreading course I did last year. I thoroughly enjoyed that, and I did pass, but then when I went out to try and actually pick up freelance work I was unsuccessful because a) the principle local language is Afrikaans, not English, and b) I don’t have a degree.

Anyway … let me stop procrastinating by focusing on my blog, and attempt to focus for a few more hours the kids get home from school and any ability to actually focus will be shot to sh*t!

Happy Monday all, let’s have a blessed week.