We love to travel. We love international destinations like Dubai, and we love exploring areas closer to home here in Yorkshire. One thing we never forget to pack, even when we’re travelling somewhere hot, is a rain jacket. This post provides details of the best rain jacket for travel, the Gamma jacket. It’s a guest post by the designers of the jacket and gives you a whole host of reasons why it is the best rain jacket and why you should always pack it when travelling near and far!

Disclaimer: This is a contributed guest post.

The best rain jacket for travel

The Best Rain Jacket for Travel – The Gamma Jacket

Visiting enchanting destinations is a great experience, but unpredictable weather can sometimes spoil the fun. Various regions are prone to heavy rain that can soak you and prevent you from enjoying your adventure to the fullest. That’s why you need to bring appropriate clothes – and Gamma is an excellent choice.

This all-climate jacket is made of graphene, a unique material that fends off moisture to keep you dry during your journeys. Many other features make it an ideal travel companion. Let’s check them out.

waterproof jacket for travel

Waterproof and Water-Resistant Surface

Besides being one of the strongest materials on earth, graphene is also impermeable. It doesn’t allow any gas or liquid to penetrate its barriers and reach your body. As a result, Gamma is a perfect outdoor jacket for windy regions. It protects you from cold air even in high winds of up to 50 miles per hour.

The same goes for rain. Gamma shields you from cold sensations by preventing any moisture from entering. You can wear the garment in any weather, from light rain to monsoon, and remain completely dry.

For extra security, Gamma features waist and hood straps. They can be tightened to provide additional protection against water and wind. There are also fingerless gloves to cover your hands without hindering your grip.

Robust Insulation

Another thing that makes Gamma a terrific travel jacket is effective insulation. The item monitors your body temperature and reacts to changes to warm you up or cool you down.

When it’s chilly outside, the garment transfers heat from hot body parts to cold ones, keeping you toasty. In hot weather, Gamma gets rid of excess heat and wards off moisture to prevent overheating.

jacket with built-in heating

Built-In Heating

If graphene’s intrinsic heating properties aren’t enough, you can activate the built-in heaters. Once they turn on, Gamma distributes heat evenly throughout your upper body, producing warmth without creating cold patches or sweaty spots.

There are also three adjustable temperature settings, enabling you to adapt to various degrees of cold. The heating elements are safe, as they contain no electric components.

To use the heaters, you only need to insert a power bank in the designated pocket and hit the button. Gamma will start heating up within seconds. This alone makes it the best rain jacket for travel!

Sturdy Surface

As previously mentioned, graphene is one of the strongest materials on the globe. It’s even more powerful than diamonds, meaning it can withstand a ton of pressure.

The surface is practically indestructible, resisting numerous forms of damage. The item can handle scratching, abrasions, and even punctures from knives. It doesn’t fray or tear, either, and it retains its great looks for years to come.

On top of that, Gamma is resistant to stains. You can wear it to a messy event without worrying about ruining its appearance.

Hypoallergenic and Antibacterial

Gamma works great for tourists who plan on visiting areas that can exacerbate their allergies. The surface is hypoallergenic, combatting a wide range of allergens, including dust mites, pollen, and mosquito bites.

Another reason it’s a must-have for travellers is its ability to keep germs away. The busier the region you’re visiting, the more likely you are to catch a bug. But with Gamma shielding you, you’ll significantly reduce the chances of coming down with an illness.

the best rain jacket for camping and outdoors

Gamma Promises First-Class Travel

With Gamma in the picture, extreme weather conditions are no longer a concern. The graphene jacket endures high winds, downpours and helps ensure optimal body temperatures. The nearly invulnerable exterior makes it ideal for locations with harsh terrain and jagged rocks. To top it all off, it even preserves your health by fighting germs and allergens, making for a highly versatile product.

Learn more about supreme graphene and get your GAMMA jacket now at weargraphene.com.