The kitchen is the heart of any home. It’s where you spend time cooking, eating, and socialising with those closest to you. So, when it comes to updating this all-important space, many homeowners opt for a total remodel. Unfortunately, it can be costly and disruptive – not to mention overwhelming! If you’re looking for some quick ways to update your kitchen without remodelling or want a few simple design tips, then read on.

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The Easiest ways to update your kitchen without remodelling it:

Switch Up the Cabinet Handles

Switching out cabinet handles is an easy and inexpensive way to make those black-and-white cabinets look new again in just minutes. And it only takes two minutes to do. You can look at your local DIY store for new handles or go the funky route and look at places like Etsy! Just make sure you order the correct number, as you may not be able to get extras if you order bespoke handles.

Take a screwdriver and remove the old hardware.  If you’re not sure which screws are holding your handles in, try unscrewing one of them first before pulling off all of them at once–you’ll save yourself some time. Then, you can put your new cabinet handle on the post where it goes.

update your kitchen cabinet handles

Replace the Faucet

The first item on the list for updating your kitchen without remodelling is replacing the kitchen tap. Suppose you can’t get a new sink, lighting fixtures or cabinets right now but are looking to update and add some style to your kitchen; this easy fix will make a significant impact. There are tons of cleaning tutorials on how to do this, but removing your old faucet and connecting a new one is the easiest way. You can find affordable options at any hardware store.

Add New Lighting

Install dimmable LED lighting for a modern look and energy efficiency. For example, consider adding under-cabinet lighting to illuminate dark areas in your kitchen. You can also add a new light over your kitchen sink for better visibility during tasks like washing dishes and to brighten up the room in general. LED lights are more energy-efficient, too, so that’s a bonus when updating your kitchen instead of remodelling it.

Colourful and creative lamps like LED kitchen ceiling lights will spice up your home’s atmosphere and make it a more enjoyable place to be in! Install recessed or track lighting on a ceiling beam or near an island so you can read while cooking or preparing food without straining your eyesight. Also, consider getting one or two small lampshades for each table near your kitchen so you can create an ambience at any time of day.

Professionals or DIYers can install these lights with some basic knowledge and tools, such as screwdrivers, drill bits (for drilling holes), wire strippers and crimping pliers.

update your kitchen lighting

Install New Flooring

It can be daunting to replace an old floor, but it’s easier than you think. All-inclusive kits are available for purchase online or at your local hardware store that contains everything needed for the job. And there are different types of flooring to consider too, consider the difference between vinyl flooring and Wood Effect for your kitchen floor.

Before starting, make sure to have a clean and clear work area with ample lighting available. Once you lay down the new laminate, it is best to wait a few days before installing furniture back onto the floor.

Replace the Countertops and Sink

Replacing the countertops and sink can be done relatively cheaply if you are handy with power tools and don’t mind doing some DIY projects in the home. However, many contractor services specialise in updating kitchens if you do not fancy DIY projects.

How will you update your kitchen without remodelling it?

The best way to remodel your kitchen is by updating the small details that are easy to change out in a hurry or on a budget, like knobs for cabinets or replacing worn countertops with something new and more modern. If you want an even more significant change, repaint the walls! The most important thing is that you are happy with your kitchen.

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