Video is the most engaging type of content, and travel videos are quite popular nowadays. Whether you are running a video blog or want to preserve memories for a family archive, you want to create a high-quality vacation video. It may be challenging to start your vlog and get many views, so we collected a list of tips on how to make a video featuring your vacation. Here you will find how to make the best footage, organize it, and edit it properly. Read on and make your fascinating travel video. 

How to Prepare for Shooting a Travel Video

If you wonder how to make good videos on your vacations, you should prepare well for the trip and take the necessary gear. Here’s a comprehensive list of everything you need to prepare before going on a journey. And here, we’ll focus on the equipment for filming your vacation video.


If you are new to travel videography, consider acquiring a lightweight camera with simple settings. It’d be great if your camera shoots in 6K for sharp footage, wide angle, and far zoom. You can use a Sony Compact Camera, Nikon D3300, or even a drone if you know how to use it. 

Memory Card

If you are going to shoot a lot to select the best footage for your travel video, you should definitely get a powerful memory card. A 64 GB memory card will give you enough filming space. And if you are going on a vacation in Dubai with kids, you will have so much to do that a voluminous memory card is a must. 

Extra Batteries

Having extra batteries is vital if you travel in mountains, deserts, or forests where there’s no electricity. Thus, you’ll be able to film all day and not worry that your camera dies halfway through exciting shooting. 


It’s an optional gear, but if you find a compact tripod, you will be able to make smooth, high-quality panorama shots. It may be challenging to capture some frames manually, and with a tripod, you can impress the audience with breathtaking footage of the night sky, sunset, and sunrise. 

If you want to prepare for travel video filming appropriately, consider the time of the year you set off on a journey. If you travel in winter, here’s a winter vacation guide

Tips on How to Make a Video from Your Trip

Here we prepared for you several tips for shooting your vacation video in the best way. Keep them in mind during your trip, and you will get stunning footage. 

Choose Your Destination 

If you run a video blog, you should select places that are interesting for your audience. Do some research to find what locations rank high and what destinations have not been featured properly. You should plan your trip to know what is obligatory to film and have time for shooting and resting. Here are some ideas for a dog-friendly family weekend in Bridlington

Make a Story  

If you are interested in how to make a video that will engage lots of viewers, you should tell a great travel story with your video. So shoot as much as you can to select the appropriate footage when editing and combine it into an engaging story. And the best way is to come up with the story in advance and keep it in mind when shooting. 

Capture Energy 

It sounds eye-opening, as how to capture the energy of a place in your travel video? Everything you have to do is to create motion and film and shoot something that is already moving. Create motion with simple camera movement and using time-lapse. 

Take Close-Up Shots

Another useful tip for making a good vacation video is to get close-up shots of locals. Your video should be more about the country you visit, its nature, architecture, culture, and people, but less about you. It will help you convey the spirit of the place and evoke strong emotions in your audience. 

Keep It Steady

We can tell you a lot about professional travel video filming, but these are the basics, and you should stabilize your camera. Shaky footage is hard to stabilize during post-editing, so consider a gimbal, a tripod or set up your camera on a steady surface.

How to Edit Your Travel Video

And now a few words about how to ensure the best quality of your vacation video during editing. So keep a story in mind and connect all shots in a meaningful way. You will need a good editing program for that. There are three ways to compress your videos without losing their quality. You may also need to convert your video from MP4 to MOV to ensure that the file can be opened on any device and that it doesn’t take up too much disk space.

Transitions and special effects will add visual interest to your output, but be creative and go easy with extra elements. Music can convey the mood of your travel video, so select royalty-free tracks reflecting emotions and not distracting viewers. 

Final Thoughts 

Now you know how to create an impressive travel video and engage your audience. We wish you good luck and hope now you become popular with your high-quality vacation videos.