I don’t know about you, but we have had to go through a huge adjustment this year. My eldest started Grade One in January and it’s been one helluva rollercoaster ride! Being a Grade One mom is definitely not all it’s cracked up to be and I have dropped the ball on a few occasions now already. It’s only February! #badmom

So, in an effort to cheer myself up I did what every self-respecting women would do, I confided in my friends. I realised that it wasn’t just me, we’re all struggling to adjust. I’m not talking about the kids, I’m talking about the moms! You know what they say, “Misery loves company.” That’s me!

I put out an appeal last week on my InstaStories and on my Facebook page asking you to share your stories with me. There was a good response to my appeal so I have pulled them together and am sharing them on here so that we can all have a laugh at each other’s expense. I always like to take a ‘bad situation’ and make it funny. Failing that I just use sarcasm. I’m cool like that! 

I’m A Grade One Mommy!

So here are a few stories from my friends and followers …

Simone from An Ordinary Girl  has two:

  • Are you even a Grade One mom if you haven’t opened the class chat group and seen the teacher post a picture of school shoes that belong to your child? This was three days after telling the other Grade One moms that you don’t label socks and shoes, because honestly … who loses socks and shoes?
  • Are you even a Grade One mom if you haven’t been involved in a 3 way??? Mom Of Two Little Girls | A Fun Parenting and Family Travel Blog in Yorkshire.?Mom Of Two Little Girls | A Fun Parenting and Family Travel Blog in Yorkshire.?Mom Of Two Little Girls | A Fun Parenting and Family Travel Blog in Yorkshire.? Well….a 3 way kid sport bag swap that is…. I can’t even deal with this story. My child managed to accidentally swap her PT bag with another child, who then proceeded to swap it again on the same day with a third child! Long story short, the middle swapper wore girls clothing to PT, and I had to buy another bag for my child! You can’t make this stuff up!

Klara Ferreira says:

You’ve not been a Grade One mom if you haven’t cried or shouted at your child for THEIR homework. I hate grade 1!

Marishka from Mom Just Saying

You know you’re a Grade One mom if you are late for school and have to walk your child into assembly in front of the entire school and teachers while they all stare at you because your child is too shy to go in by themself!

Maryam Bibi from I Used To Be Fun, Now I’m A Mum is clearly experienced at this:

  • You’re not a Grade One mom if you haven’t messaged your mommy friend to double-check that you actually have done the correct homework.
  • Are you even a Grade One mom if the teacher hasn’t asked you to please help your child learn to be independent – i.e. butt out and stop helicopter parenting!

Jeanne-Riette from Mamma Chef Jozi has these to share:

  • If you have a class WhatsApp group which is basically how you locate lost clothing because your kids struggle to change into PE kit at school without losing something!
  • Also, if your child comes home starving because the break time is ‘too short’ and they’d rather play rugby than eat their food.

Chanene from Tonic and Tiaras wrote a post about her struggles. 

As she’s hilarious she also has these to share with us. You’re not a Grade One mom unless you have …

  • Sent your child to school with toothpaste on her dress
  • lost a cap, temporarily lost school shoes, school shorts … etc. 
  • forgotten your child’s case at school after shouting at her for losing her shoes (see above)
  • told your girls it was bedtime and the sun was very naughty for not going to sleep because you were just done with school life!

My Grade One Mom Reality

Are you even a Grade One mom if …

  • you haven’t had to threaten your child just to get them to get dressed for school.
  • at least half of their clothing isn’t too big, because ‘they will grow into it’!
  • your child hasn’t had an emotional melt-down on numerous occasions because her shoes ‘feel funny’!
  • you have no clue what’s going on, who needs to be where, or what day of the week it is?
  • you haven’t drunk wine whilst helping them with their homework?


If you have any Grade One mom stories you’d like to share, just add them to the comments below! Don’t forget to share with all your fellow mom friends. Let’s all laugh at each other, or cry …

Thanks to everyone who contributed, now go be the best Grade One mom you can be!

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